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  1. L

    Can you recommend some great Youtube channels that advise on stock trades?

    Hi, fellows! I would like to learn about Youtube channels in which is talked about stocks being traded, popular stocks being traded, stock forecasts and anything related to stocks? Can you please recommend some? Thanks a lot! :)
  2. MovingAverage

    Who Do You Follow on Social Media?

    For those of you into technical analysis and systematic trading who do you follow on social media (Twitter, Facebook etc)? There's no shortage of people out on the Interwebs claiming to know all the secrets to the holy grail of tech ana and sys trading so I'm finding it difficult to shift...
  3. basilio

    Effect of YouTube on people

    I thought this story had something to say about how being a You Tube "Star"and the pressure it bought to bear seems to have a devestating effect on people. Thoughts ? The YouTube stars heading for burnout: ‘The most fun job imaginable became deeply bleak’ Why are so many YouTubers finding...
  4. fiftyeight

    Wikipedia vs YouTube

    I love Wikipedia, I donate monthly and have done for quite some time. Free info for all!!!!!! I recently realised that I am using Wiki less and less. My new default go to when wanting a quick look at something is Youtube. The educational content on YT is growing all the time and the quality is...
  5. H

    YouTube Trading Channels

    Hi Al, I was wondering if anyone on here could recommend some channels on trading on YouTube ? I'm particularly interested in anything TA related. I find I learn a lot better listening/watching than I do reading. I know I could easily do a search there but figure people here may be able to...
  6. W

    YouTube trading interview series

    Hi All, I stumbled over an interview series where the host, Shaun Overton, interviews a number of FX and commodities traders. I found some of it interesting, maybe others will too. You can find his channel here:
  7. n5032245

    YouTube/StockTwits weekly video TA on the major US indices

    i used to follow a guy in the states who did a weekly analysis of the major markets in the states and it was great to follow. i am trying to find him again, but can't. can anyone recommend anyone they follow? he had a really annoying voice and spoke very quickly and had his own sayings. open...
  8. Garpal Gumnut

    Robert Mugabe, Monster on YouTube

    This feckless old perverted dictator and destroyer of a rich country has been unmasked by Nando as a rent boy of other evil fascists. g'day Bobbie, I know you read ASF, my contacts in Harare have told me. From youtube for you. gg
  9. A

    YouTube trading video/promotion

    Interesting trading promo. It's Hollywood, but the reason I post it here is because the words ring true. I do not know what this advert is promoting, and have not signed up. Just enjoy
  10. Timmy

    YouTube down

    Attack on Google?
  11. P

    Van Tharp seminar free on YouTube

    Bit long winded but for anyone interested, its in 6 parts heres a link to part 1, links to the other 5 will appear to the right of the screen.
  12. sam76

    Funny YouTube videos

    Thought i'd start with this: ANGRY GERMAN KID This kid really needs to get out of his bedroom!! :eek: STAR WARS KID A classic from a couple of years ago!
  13. ghotib

    Dumb YouTube question

    We're on a relatively low volume broadband plan, and I avoid YouTube because I haven't a clue how to estimate how much I'm downloading. Can anyone give me an idea how big those files are likely to be? Doesn't have to precise; just enough that I don't find my connection running at dialup...
  14. Realist

    Brilliant YouTube videos

    Please post any beauties you find here. Anyone remember the kids program from about 25 years ago called Rainbow? See this...