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  1. B

    Yield curve question

    Hi Everyone, Of late, if it is not trade wars filling up the pages of the world media then they turn to yield curves. Everyone seems to focus on the 10 year yield versus the 2 year. The thought pattern I believe (and please correct me if I am wrong with any of this) is if banks borrow short and...
  2. K

    Australia's flattening yield curve

    Anyone else noticed this over the past few months? Huge buying int he back end of all major economic curves in recent months but Australia is getting to the point now where we are verging on inversion. Does the mantra of an inverted yield curve = recession still stand or is this a new age...
  3. sydboy007

    International market yields

    Canoz asked me to put the below graph up in this forum. Unfortunately no idea how to get update - hopefully bespoke investments might do semi regular updates. Their chart for regional / international focused ETFs is also quite good...
  4. DeepState

    Long Bond Yield Collapse - What Gives?

    Yields gapped lower this week from historically low levels: US 10 yr: 2.52% UK 10 Yr: 2.56% Germany: 1.33% Australia: 3.72% Gold Steady Equity markets steady/new highs VIX 12.44 USD fairly unch vs GBP, JPY and AUD although EUR weakens Copper rising strongly in May US inflation...
  5. Bullock

    Stock with the highest and safest yield?

    I have a simple question. What stock is providing the highest and safest yield. What I mean by safest is unlikely to fall or be cut and your capital outlay not disappear. I guess Telstra would rate highly.The banks? Any thoughts?