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  1. J

    Data sources - Norgate vs. Yahoo

    Hello, I am newbie and currently I do exploration of various data sources. I am considering Norgate and Yahoo for my purposes and I have several questions about them. My aim is trading mainly stocks on daily/weekly timeframe, so do not need any real-time data. Does Norgate store all data in...
  2. Bill M

    Yahoo email - folders and emails gone

    Yahoo email is having some problems today. Just giving you a heads up if you use one of these, some report that they can not send or receive emails either.
  3. T

    One Page Yahoo Wonderithm

    I recently made a bet with a family member who happens to be very high up in the big 4. He seems to think that investing takes a huge amount of skill whereas I like to argue that that anyone that can follow a simple model will do fairly well for themselves. After seeing the other posts on this...
  4. A

    Downloading ASX Fundamentals from Yahoo Finance using Perl/Python

    Another project I've been working on is downloading fundamental data from Yahoo Finance using either Perl or Python. This is a 2 step process as outlined below: 1) First thing we need to do is create and populate a file called "symlist.csv" with symbols such as BHP.AX, ANZ.AX, etc. This can be...
  5. C

    S&P/ASX 200 SPI APXU Yahoo data and actual data differences

    Hi, If it's not much to ask could somebody email me 2 and a half months of data for the spi 200 APZU as far as I know also known as ASX/SP200, AP ASX200 and Yahoo has it as ^AXJO and google INDEXAXJO. I am confused! The data I need needs to be the 24 hours in csv txt format or Ninja...
  6. V

    Yahoo EOD historical data not working?

    has anyone else noticed that historical end of day data on Yahoo Finance isnt working properly for australian stocks? By that I mean since July 9 most of the days are just missing - the days themselves not just that data. This is the case even if you use an automatic data importing program...
  7. T

    Importing Yahoo data into Metastock

    How do I download 10yrs stock data from yahoo and import into metastock ?
  8. GreatPig

    Yahoo Finance Portfolios

    Anyone else use the Yahoo Finance portfolio feature? I keep mine there, primarily as it's easier for my wife to view during the day and I like the layout - even if it is 20-minute delayed. It looks like they've changed the page layout though (for the Australian Yahoo Finance site) and now I...