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xjo options

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    XJO Options

    Hey everyone, I am thinking of selling to open an options trade on the XJO to collect premium. Any thoughts as to the mechanics of the actual trade? Open to any accusations of insanity :)
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    How do I work out buy/sell amounts and margin on XJO options?

    I am used to the CBOE pricing for indexes, so am a little confused by the XJO. Can someone please confirm if this is correct: eg I sell one call contract. The bid is 81, therefore I get a credit of $810 because each point is worth $10. I buy one call contract. The offer is 71, therefore I pay...
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    Options Analysis Software

    Hi, Are there any Options Analysis software that I can purchase or get for free. I am currently using optionetics platinum. I have also used hubb optiongear. I use it mainly to find volatility in options under different expiry. I am looking to find similar ones for the ASX market so that I can...