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  1. rogblack

    Greg Hunter: A great summary of the XAUUSD fundamentals

  2. G

    What happens when you buy the XAUUSD?

    what actually happens when one uses their forex broker to buy XAUUSD? i used to think it was a cfd for a futures contract, but i'm actually buying gold itself i believe (spot price). does my broker buy some gold somewhere on my behalf that's stored in a vault somewhere? or what?
  3. T

    Position Sizing with XAUUSD, XAGUSD and WTI

    How do we work out position sizing with XAUUSD, XAGUSD and WTI? I like to use a fixed dollar amount for my risk. What I do to work out my position sizing when I trade fx pairs is: Say I wanted to risk $50 on a trade and my stop loss distance is 72pips, I would: Risk amount / Stop Loss...