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  1. Garpal Gumnut

    XAO Just Dropped Like A Stone

  2. S

    XAO Earnings Data

    Hi, I am relatively new to investing. I saw a chart of the price of the S&P500 plotted against company earnings. The chart was interesting to show the divergence from earnings. I was wondering where I would find similar earnings data for the XAO? Cheers, Sarky
  3. C

    XAO For 2020 My use only

    No comments sought. I apologize but this is just for me to stop trying to overthink it, since its virtually done the move for the 12 months in two. Notes: -28-02-2020 I'm still happy with 6333 as the low assuming economic adjustment. -REMEMBER: The close reference is any low. Screw it...
  4. qldfrog

    XAO backtest benchmarks for 2018-2020

    Dear all system builders, I toyed with the idea of having a repository of backtest or even paper/real trading results for various recent periods, to use as a rating/grading tool when developing systems of your own; what to beat, what to aim for or reaching for the sky; Ideally if backtesting...
  5. S

    Yearly XAO Prediction Thread

    Glad investoboy came last! As for me... We having another punt?
  6. Gringotts Bank


    Headlines at CNN "FBI Moving Markets" DJIA futs up 1.3%. Will get a few days out of this run before it gets smashed down.
  7. C

    XAO Bull

    For all those naïve optimists like me out there that might be feeling fairly content about long term prospects with the market at 5,000. A few southerlies here and there requiring a bit of course correction but overall human endeavour to head Nor East seems intact. Long term I think...
  8. N

    Amibroker - download data for XAO?

    Hi All, I downloaded Amibroker and I created a list of Australian stocks, which I imported. I am able to download the historical prices from Yahoo Finance. I would like to have the XAO downloaded as well. I tried using XAO, XAO.AX, AORD, AORD.AX, ^AORD, ^AORD.AX but all these are reported...
  9. F

    What is the All Ords?

    I've seen the news where they show you the all ords and currency rates etc etc but I never paid attention to it. What is all ords and what does it mean when it goes up and down on the charts? How does it affect your investment/shares? On the chart there are bottom numbers of 10, 12, 14, 16...
  10. burglar

    What just happened to the All Ords?

    What just happened to the AllOrds? Anyone?
  11. C

    XAO Banter Thread

    ok, so here we can talk and freely express our opinions of the markets. Ok my feeling is that it looks like we got a major correction on our hands, the FTSE is down 1% and the Dow is likely to open lower, most likely close lower as well. We should see a correction down to 4550 initially...
  12. OzWaveGuy

    Elliott Wave and the XAO

    I thought I'd create a specific thread for discussion of EW and the XAO.... Since the 21st Nov 08, each of the larger legs on the XAO has been moving in 3 wave patterns - corrective waves. The most recent leg up (wave C), shows a triangle (wave 'b' circle) for the intervening correction...
  13. M

    Elliott Wave - XAO starting wave C?

    Any other elliot wavists out there? Is the all ords currently on wave B and about to start wave C?
  14. Sean K

    XAO Technical Analysis

    Just thought I'd start a thread just on analysing the XAO. Anyone who has a diffent version of where they think the All Ords might be heading please feel free to post an alternate, or different perspective. This might be an opportnity for any other T/As to put their particular analysis on...

    ASX (XAO)... ELLIOTT WAVE part 1

    ASX ... ELIOTT WAVE part 1 ElliotT Waves are highly subjective ,,,, like any other form of technical analysis let's see where this takes us ...
  16. A

    What's Up With The All Ords??

    Wow. All Ords just opened DOWN 24 pts. Was a time when the AO almost religously followed the DJIA. But lately it is all over the shop. More often than not the past few weeks, it has opposed the DJIA (ie: when Dow is down, we are slightly up or when Dow is up, we go down!) Anyone hazard a...