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wyckoff method

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    Using Wyckoff/VSA in cryptos

    My question is given the proven fact that most of the trading volume in crypto is fake (wash trading etc...) does it make sense to use wyckoff/vsa type of analysis on cryptos?
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    Backtesting Wyckoff Method

    Gday I am about to read through the Wyckoff course for the second time. This time taking notes. I am also finishing up master the markets for the second time. I have also been paper trading with success on Stockwatch and ASX game. The question: Can I backtest These strategies . I have...
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    Point and figure trading of US stocks

    Here I will share thoughts on US stocks using: technical analysis, point and figure charting, market analysis, sector analysis, Richard D. Wyckoff method analysis, relative strength analysis, and inner thoughts and feelings. In my trading I have been using point and figure and the...