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  1. piggybank

    WOW - Who Are The Dumbest: The Management Or The Shareholders For Voting Them In?

    Hi, I just received (via my email account) a survey invitation which could win me a $500 shopping card - although we know deep down we have a better chance of winning the first prize on Tattslotto ;). The funny thing is I didn’t see the CEO saying “bribing” people to get their views on...
  2. S

    CBA, BHP, NCM, WOW pairwise correlations

    In part due to the recent discussion about "range trading strategies" and "picking market tops", I compiled the average rolling 20day pairwise correlation for the listed stocks. Just for the sake of anyone interested I thought I would throw up the last 6 months of data in a chart as for me it...
  3. O

    WOW or WES?

    WOW or WES which of the big two consumer brands looks better set for future expansion and aquisition?
  4. S

    Wow, Amazing!!!

    Hi guyz I already put the link on another thread but I decided to create a new one, Like the title says this video is amazing. New possible source of energy is created Spartn :viking:
  5. K

    WOW - Woolworths Group

    Hey all, I have been following woolworths for a while now and keen on investing in this company some time soon. I am looking at its general purpose financial statements and a bit concerned about its current ratio and its debt to equity ratio. I understand that woolworths has a high inventory...
  6. ob1kenobi

    CML vs. WOW vs. DJS vs. HVN

    Out of curiosity I thought I'd draw this comparative chart of our major retailers now that Christmas is over. All have moved into positive territory, though one or two are trying hard to stay there! CML and WOW is where the competition is at the moment! I don't have any shares in any of these...