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    Banking internship/experience

    I'm currently a 2nd year Business student at RMIT- Melbourne. I look to have a career in trading once I graduate (preferably trading equities), however, I desperately seek any kind of experience during my semester summer break 2015/16, any kind of experience with banking. Any advice or...
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    Brokers that offer work experience?

    I'm currently a year 10 student, I hope to gain some experience with a stockbroker, as school is concluding soon. I have done research for reputable brokers around Sydney, but I am still having difficulties. My goal is to experience several careers in the business word and to eventually decide...
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    Stock broker work experience?

    I am a second year finance student and I was wondering if it is difficult to get some sought of stock broking work experience? As I have always been curious into how to get into that particular field? Would also like to know how to actually get into market as I can't find out that much...