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  1. I

    Anyone invested in fine wine before?

    Has anyone had experience investing in fine wine, they seem to have produced some good double digit returns? Any help or advice would be appreciated!
  2. basilio

    Naked Wines - Special offer

    Just a heads up for ASF members who enjoy some excellent wines at very good prices. I came across the company cally Naked Wines recently. They act as an intermediary between a group of small independent Australian wine makers and the public. In effect they promote and market these wines and...
  3. S

    Amibroker on Mac with Wine

    Hi, Im trying to install amibroker on my mac with wine. Has anyone here done it? I recall coming across a thread previously but can't recall if it was on this forum. I have installed "wine" and "winetricks" and followed all the instructions at...
  4. B

    Australian Exporters: Wine, Medical Equipment, Transport Equipment

    Hello! Could someone please let me know what the major listed firms involved in exporting these goods are? tyvm :confused:
  5. bowman

    Are wine buffs wankers?

    I like wine. Actually I like it a bit more than is desirable so I'm not drinking at all at the moment. However in my top 10 list of the most boring people on the planet, wine buffs have always rated quite highly. For F#@%s sake, if you're half way through a decent bottle of wine and you...