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  1. System

    WIN - Widgie Nickel

    Widgie Nickel Limited is a mineral exploration company, established to implement the demerger currently being undertaken by Neometals, with the purpose of maximising value for the Mt Edwards Nickel Project. Since its acquisition in 2018, Neometals has reviewed and advanced the Mineral Resources...
  2. S

    Long vs. short term, who win?

    Short term have cons by the spread&comissions. Long term, if you havent' a big account, you cant live with trading. What do you choose?
  3. pixel

    The Battle of the Drones: Who will win?

    IOT announces mass production of a "flying selfie-stick". while DRO plans to provide counter measures. One would think that DRO's clientele, although fewer in numbers, has the deeper pockets. But ... who will be developing the next-generation jam-resistant drones? Any device that can be...
  4. System

    WIN - Winward Resources

    Winward Resources has entered into a Farm-in and Joint Venture Agreement with NBX, a wholly owned subsidiary of Yandal Investments. The Company has the right to earn up to 70% of NBX's Tenements located in the Albany Fraser Range belt of Western Australia. The project is known as the Fraser...
  5. Garpal Gumnut

    ASIC has a Win

    ASIC comes in for a fair share of flack on this forum, so it is good to report a victory, the James Hardie-Asbestos Case. "Of the eight witnesses called who attended a...