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  1. S

    Long vs. short term, who win?

    Short term have cons by the spread&comissions. Long term, if you havent' a big account, you cant live with trading. What do you choose?
  2. pixel

    The Battle of the Drones: Who will win?

    IOT announces mass production of a "flying selfie-stick". while DRO plans to provide counter measures. One would think that DRO's clientele, although fewer in numbers, has the deeper pockets. But ... who will be developing the next-generation jam-resistant drones? Any device that can be...
  3. System

    WIN - Winward Resources

    Winward Resources has entered into a Farm-in and Joint Venture Agreement with NBX, a wholly owned subsidiary of Yandal Investments. The Company has the right to earn up to 70% of NBX's Tenements located in the Albany Fraser Range belt of Western Australia. The project is known as the Fraser...
  4. Garpal Gumnut

    ASIC has a Win

    ASIC comes in for a fair share of flack on this forum, so it is good to report a victory, the James Hardie-Asbestos Case. "Of the eight witnesses called who attended a...