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which broker

  1. Frankieplus

    Managed Fund - Which broker? - mFund

    Sorry I didn't know which other forum on here I should post this so I am posting it here.. I have a Vanguard Managed Fund via an investor platform that I now want to move. I can move my fund via an in specie transfer to somewhere else, but I don't yet know where I want to move it to and I...
  2. cooljammal

    Which broker do you use for shorting stocks?

    I see that some of the threads existing on this topic are years old. Just want to understand the options that we have now if one is interested in shorting penny stocks (INR.asx as an example).
  3. K

    Which broker is the best?

    I recently starting trading Australian stocks. Looking for a broker. Can anyone suggest the best broker here?
  4. B

    Which broker/site do you guys use to trade?

    Hi guys, I'm an ex-prop trader looking to set up my own system at home. I'm mainly interested in looking at trading futures, in particular interest rate futures (3yr, 10yr bonds... US Notes etc). Just not sure what to do next, I'm currently looking at, but with it being based in...
  5. W

    Who to trade with? Scalping EUR/USD, IB *was* perfect... :(

    A few years ago I traded forex profitably with Interactive Brokers, and I've been practicing the last couple of weeks, with a view to get back in (got 40 pips clear, both weeks). Problem is, IB don't offer Aussies margin accounts any more. I can't trade live. I scalp EUR/USD off the...
  6. S

    Which broker for starting out?

    Hi guys, Orignally i had 2k to play with but i might make it worth my while and put in 10k. Currently a student wanting to learn the stock market. I just don't know which online broker to go with. Commsec seems good as i can get up to $600 of free trades to begin with. CMC markets $10 trades...
  7. C

    Which Broker?

    Hi, I am new to trading,,, and really confused to choose a proper broker which one ???? cheers