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    Nabtrade - Where to start?

    I've opened a nabtrade account and cant figure out how to forex trade with it. Can you do forex trading with nabtrade and if not what should I be using and is it easy to link my Nab bank account to it? Any advice on how to get started would be great. Thanks Also, i'm looking to start up...
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    Brokers, info: where to start?

    I'm a young student wanting to learn how to invest my money. I've been looking at online brokers and everybody has a different opinion. Which one is the best to use when starting out? With etrade would it be worth paying more per trade for live data? Can someone share with me the pros and cons...
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    Where to start?

    Greetings all. Being a newb to the finance forums i have decided its time to make my first post. Over the last few weeks i have spend a few hours weekly reading a few topics on the site and have realised i know bugger all about the asx and shares. I was hoping to get some decent advice on what...