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  1. Dominover

    WebIRESS - Which one is the most extensive?

    I'm looking at multiple options to sign up with a broker using WEBIRESS, but I'm not sure which one to get. I see Bell Direct, NAB Trade, Westpac, HSBC, all offer WEBIRESS. I gather these have been changed somewhat between brokers. For trading Australian Stocks and ETF's. Does anyone know...
  2. Z

    Alternative to Westpac

    Hi, Still new to stockbroking and its terms. I started investing in April (missed bear market in March), and have been using Westpac Online Invest till now. I am quite happy with the platform but spending $19.95 brokerage fee and min $500 per trade is bit too much to my liking. Is $500 minimum...
  3. A

    Grounds to sue Austrac for Westpac loss?

    Austrac had been working on wpc money laundering case for a while (probably since cba's fine since last year), but only release only bit of information recently, especially after the wpc ex dividend date and after announcement of wpc's spp. Given it's such a market sensitive information, does...
  4. B

    Westpac Dividends

    Today 4th July Westpac was due to pay the interim dividends. Have any of you expert investors received the payment? For some reason the dividend has not appeared in my bank account. I wonder if something went wrong with my bank account or if other investors have the same problem Thanks
  5. jbocker

    Westpac interest rate hike

    I was unimpressed with this move on rates, which is on the back of the rate increases for investment loans done by banks only several weeks back. The Fed reserve rate means nothing it seems, as the banks dont pass on the full rates when there is a drop and now claim increases when there is no...
  6. R

    Westpac Broking rip-off

    For those that use Westpac Broking, did you know that the use of third digit trading is specifically refused to retail investors. eg, you might want to sell TLS at 5.055 and your order will be rejected and you are advised to go to two decimal places only. the institutions however can use the...
  7. H

    Westpac BlueChip20

    Hi, I'm considering this product for my son to start his investment into the share market where he can make an initial investment and monthly contributions - havn't considered the gearing side. I've done a search at this forum but can't anything. Would appreciate what people think of this...
  8. P

    Westpac subordinated notes?

    What are these? Are they good value?
  9. K

    Short selling with Westpac

    Just wondering how I can short sell through Westpac online broking. I want to go short on BHP if it touches $40.00 thats just a plan. Just wanting to know how I go about it. Any use their service? Do I have to use CFDs to short sell?
  10. 3

    Westpac online broking crashes!

    AAAAAH with two lines just about to be bought ! Westpacs lights go off!!!! MERCY MERCY MERCY! any updates?