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  1. K

    DRE - Dreadnought Resources

    Floating shortly. Looking at jumping on. Opinions? Prospectus looks good to me. Anyone else on board?
  2. A

    Hello from Perth, WA

    Hello to all from Perth. I am new to this Stock Market/Trading game and all this stuff is double dutch to me at the moment but willing to learn and would like some recommendation's on some good books to read or even a good course to take for beginner's like myself.
  3. sptrawler

    Sell W.A. to China

    I was getting annoyed with all the political and economic rhetoric, so I thought I would run it past my missus, who is the most uninterested person in the universe. She said, we should sell W.A to China, no one wants it and it would be worth trillions. Then we could use the money, to have a...
  4. Tisme

    Western Australia

    Revitalising Midlands rail heritage " Mark McGowan 6 hrs · For nearly 100 years, the Midland Workshops were the home of railcar manufacturing. Well today, we’re announcing that we’re bringing the work home. Located just one kilometre from the historic Workshops, a new facility is set to...
  5. P

    Perth day traders group

    Hi. I am looking to find people who are currently day-trading the US Stock Market (or day trading any market for that matter - forex, german, london etc) from Perth, Western Australia. I am wanting to form some sort of group, preferably young"er" people under 50. Please contact me directly if...
  6. B

    Crony capitalism in WA

    Somehow I don't think we'll be hearing much more talk about secession from WA anymore: The State Government will make temporary assistance available to junior iron ore miners on a case by case basis as they restructure operations in challenging market conditions. Premier and State...
  7. drsmith

    WA senate re-election 2014

    This one's for the hardcore political tragic. The count is on ABC24. Currently 0.1% counted with those being from the sticks.
  8. drsmith

    W.A. state election 2013

    The latest Newspoll shows Labor in even more strife than the feds currently, although Mark McGowan is much mpre popular than Eric Ripper was as opposition leader. What's going on here ? Are federal issues also in play ...
  9. C

    Daylight saving Western Australia

    Watched today/tonight... Having lived in different states - mostly W.A. - been through all of the last 3 referendums about daylight saving - this time it's a trial and the last year, then, yep! another referendum ( thats 4 ) what are they waiting for... all the old remembering folk to...