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  1. DB008

    The European - Refugee/Migrant/Welfare Chaser/Humanitarian Crisis

    As we have seen, there has been a massive influx of migrants/refugees/welfare chasers into Europe of late. U.N HCR estimates that there are almost 60 million people who have been displaced by the war/terror in the Middle East. So far, Germany and...
  2. sydboy007

    Income levels - welfare meet reality?

    This is the latest information I'e been able to dig up on income distribution in Australia. IMHO welfare should be targeting the bottom 30% with a fairly fast tapering off by around 35%. I'm not sure how much money a policy like this would save, but I dare say it would be enough to give a...
  3. sydboy007

    At what point should you not expect Government welfare?

    Preamble I'd just like to start out by saying I grew up in a poverty line family. My dad had to leave school at the age of 14 after his dad died and he needed to work on the family farm to keep things running. He's also dyslexic so was never able to hold a steady job for most of life. My...
  4. Julia

    Welfare system

    I thought a thread on welfare might be interesting, given the diverse views on the hijacked different travel costs thread. Jono, e.g., feels people on any form of welfare are on the whole undeserving and should be able to provide for themselves. (Jono, obviously you will correct me if I've...