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  1. peter2

    Feedspot's Top 100 Stock Blogs and Websites for Stock Traders

    This list is worth browsing if your looking for information to help your trading or to get trade ideas. I became aware of this list from Brett Steenbarger's TraderFeed blog (btw he's in the list also). The surprise was #14 on this list. Check it out.
  2. basilio

    Interesting new websites

    I wasn't quite sure where to put this story/idea so I decided to open a new thread that might also encourage other ASF's to add a site they think is particularly interesting/worthwhile. I found a very cute story on The Guardian about a couple of boys who decided to find a suitable date for...
  3. basilio

    Good internet education sites

    Don't think there was already such a thread so I thought I might kick it off. Apart from 3 million cat pictures, fail compilations, hollywood gossip, sport and .. (and other entertainment) there actually are some great sites that can be invaluable sources of information and knowledge. For...
  4. O

    Websites for investing in Aussie startups/small business ideas?

    Are there any aussie or global websites for investing in Australian start up / small business ideas / inventions ?
  5. B

    Social Chatter around stocks

    I am not sure if I am allowed to push other websites/apps etc here... But I am using a lot of social sentiment type stock website and apps these days and I find it useful for getting real time information. The one that I am really liking at the moment is Scutify. A while ago, I was short a US...
  6. S

    Research websites

    Hi Everyone Can anyone point me to a website/s that shows the Companies in say the ASX 100 listed with information such as dividend yield, per etc at a glance. Regards stargazer
  7. D

    Economic and financial data websites

    I am looking for a website that has the latest financial and economic data and news as they break. I normally don't hear about major events that move the market or a particular stock, currency etc till I see it on the news in the evening and have already missed the opportunity. Thanks in...
  8. T

    Stock Trading Websites - Would They Work Here?

    I've been surfing around and I found a few exciting stock trading websites for overseas markets but none like them in Australia. What do you guys think about these ideas? Do you think they would work in Australia? Finding and sharing stock tips with everyone...
  9. B

    Websites for fundamental analysis data

    As thread title says, what are the good ones? I have used etrade, ninemsn money and google finance, but the data only goes back three years on all sites. Doing an analysis as shown in Buffetology requires data back 10 years.
  10. bellenuit

    Websites to Expand the Mind

    Trying to sort through the now millions of websites to find ones that are dedicated to providing mind nurturing information is difficult. I love YouTube, but 98% of what it contains is useless nonsense. If you know a website that is dedicated to advancing knowledge in whatever field then this is...
  11. E

    Best websites for a beginner to investing?

    hi Everyone, I am new to investing especially investment on shares/stocks. can you please advise what sites I can read and study? something like...share trading for dummies. also, what websites (other than ASX) I can refer to check how Australian stock market is performing? also, sites...
  12. S

    Interesting Websites

    Link below. the website shows interesting and funny facts and pictures. Cheers Spartn :viking:
  13. tommymac

    Websites for fundamental analysis?

    I'm a newbie here and firstly let me say how good it is to read some of these forums. I've been trading for about three years now, but only in the last 12 months have I become serious, using a fundamental analysis buy and hold strategy. I was wondering what websites any of you use for...
  14. E

    Other sites/forums you visit?

    For all us newbies it would be great to know what sites other people regularly visit. There are the obvious ones ASX website, NYSE website but other there other forums or educational sites that you frequent to keep up to speed with whats going on.... Cheers
  15. JetDollars

    Links to stock market websites!

    Dear All, I am trying to use this post to any useful links to shares Website. Please feel free to post/s any websites that you consider useful for references: GENERAL SITES: - Australian Stock Exchange - Kim Reilly Trading Systems...