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  1. B

    Which website do I use for intrinsic value for Westpac Bank?

    Hi all, I have found various stock websites/apps give different values for intrinsic value of Westpac Bank (symbol wbc). For example: = $15.75 = $21.21 = $20.33 My question is simple. Which is the one I use? In other words which site is the most...
  2. galumay

    ASX Announcements Site

    A user on Twitter, @asxanns has created a useful website for all ASX announcements, he generally updates each trading day and the list is filterable and collapsable/expandable.
  3. bellenuit

    Stocks Tracker app and website

    Does anyone else use the stockstracker app for real-time US data on stocks, options and more. On Friday, my app on both the iPhone and iPad continued to show real time US stocks data, but for US options it was only showing Thursday's closing figures and was static all evening. They also have a...
  4. J

    Advice for a newbie

    Hi guys, I have a few questions that I need some answers too. a) I’m worried that I’ll sign up to a dodgy website, what are some safe websites that I can use to invest in currencies, shares and commodities? Which is also connected to multiple stoke markets around the world. Ideally, I am...
  5. A

    Program for calculating profit from stocks

    Hi Folks I am after a program, website, spreadsheet that takes the price of a stock, the fees and costs associated with the purchase of the shares, then the sale of the shares and includes the taxes that must be paid resulting in the minimum share price at which the shares must be sold to...
  6. C

    Best free watchlist website

    Anyone got any suggestions on the best Watchlist site. I used to use JBWere site but now can't get in because of changes. I would prefer one showing green rises and red losses and percentages of rise and fall. Any suggestions please?
  7. C

    ASX website revamp

    Hi all Apologies if this is a duplicate (can't seem to find a recent thread on this). But what has happened to the ASX website? In particular, where did they stow all of the factsheet info for each sector? Some of the links are also dead as well. Are they still transitioning into a...
  8. L

    Trying to find a short term technical trading ideas website

    I am looking for a short term technical trading ideas website on the top 20 Aussie shares. I am looking for one that keeps it simple.
  9. J

    Creating a website!

    Hi fellow ASFers, Thought I'd start here for some guidance - I would like to create 2 websites: 1 - General business information (no E-Commerce). Just location/numbers/email for queries etc etc. 2 - E-Commerce site. Not all the bells and whistles but would need to be updated at least monthly...
  10. Julia

    Website problem: Business Spectator

    I'm a (non-paying) subscriber to Business Spectator and find value in much of their daily emails. Over the last week, it has taken up to two minutes to access a link from the daily email and when the new screen does eventually come up it's overlaid with another screen, rendering both pages...
  11. A

    NASDAQ website

    Has anybody else had trouble getting on to the NASDAQ website? I've been trying for two days, but can't connect.
  12. B

    Website that lists share buybacks?

    Is there a website that shows all companies on ASX that has announced a share buyback? im interested in stuff going as far back as possible and also more recent announcements;ie 6months-present? Many thanks
  13. A

    I love this site

    Have to say it. I love this site. It's not just a forum, it's more like a club. It's not just stocks, it's all sorts of interesting stuff. It's well managed and attracts intelligent and polite people - all working together to give advice freely and helping each other out. Yep, I love...