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website revamp

  1. Joe Blow

    Forum software upgrade on the way

    Time for an ASF update as there are big changes on the way. Many of you will remember the last forum software upgrade in late December 2016. Well, we are in for another one of those in approximately one to two months from now. The software we are currently using, while fine for present...
  2. Joe Blow

    ASF Website Redesign

    I am starting this thread for all feedback and discussion relating to ASF's upcoming website redesign. The internet continues to evolve and the software platform ASF uses is getting dated and I have decided that it is now time to make some changes. When ASF migrates to a new platform I will...
  3. C

    ASX website revamp

    Hi all Apologies if this is a duplicate (can't seem to find a recent thread on this). But what has happened to the ASX website? In particular, where did they stow all of the factsheet info for each sector? Some of the links are also dead as well. Are they still transitioning into a...