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  1. Dominover

    WebIRESS - Which one is the most extensive?

    I'm looking at multiple options to sign up with a broker using WEBIRESS, but I'm not sure which one to get. I see Bell Direct, NAB Trade, Westpac, HSBC, all offer WEBIRESS. I gather these have been changed somewhat between brokers. For trading Australian Stocks and ETF's. Does anyone know...
  2. J

    WebIRESS real time intraday into Amibroker?

    Has anyone got a real time webiress intraday feed (Conmsec, Bell etc) working in Amibroker? I could do it via SOAP but am thinking there is probably an easier way.
  3. B

    WebIRESS logoff when notebook sleeps

    I have two Windows 7 notebooks. On one (a Sony S Series), the computer can go into sleep mode indefinitely and, when it wakes, WEBIress will still be logged in and all ready to use. On the other notebook (a Dell Latitude E6320), after a few minutes sleep and then a wake, WEBIress is logged...
  4. N

    WebIRESS vs. Incredible Charts

    I am currently using belldirects version of WebIRESS, and am also using a free version of Incredible Charts. The only reason I like WebIRESS over IC is because IRESS has got intraday movement charts with full indicator options. IC has a whole range of indicators as well, however nothing...
  5. T

    WebIRESS Excel add-in: Refreshing historical prices through VBA macro

    I'm looking for some specific assistance regarding the webiress excel add-in feature. Those familiar with the add-in would know you can import historical time series of share prices and these can be refreshed or updated by double clicking the particular cell which is set to retrieve the...