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    Which website do I use for intrinsic value for Westpac Bank?

    Hi all, I have found various stock websites/apps give different values for intrinsic value of Westpac Bank (symbol wbc). For example: = $15.75 = $21.21 = $20.33 My question is simple. Which is the one I use? In other words which site is the most...
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    Westpac Dividends

    Today 4th July Westpac was due to pay the interim dividends. Have any of you expert investors received the payment? For some reason the dividend has not appeared in my bank account. I wonder if something went wrong with my bank account or if other investors have the same problem Thanks
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    $12,500 to make first investment, split 4 ways or put it all in one company?

    Ive $12.5k to invest long-term in shares (5-30+ years), ive pretty much settled on the big 4 banks. General advice, would you suggest spreading evenly over the 4 (and paying the brokerage fees), 50/50 or just put it all in one?
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    WBC - Westpac Banking Corporation

    Hi All, Any ideas on the freefall that WBC is taking? cheers