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  1. R

    US watch-list strongest movers

    These were the strongest movers in my US watch-list in trade Monday. The screenshot taken from my website here .
  2. tech/a

    Discretionary and Systems traders: How do you manage your watchlist?

    We all have our ways of determining a stock of interest be it Fundamental or Technical. Do you find stocks and place them in a watch-list.? If so How do you move them in and out--why do you? How long will you keep them? Do you have further steps to go through before trading or culling. I...
  3. K


    How I can send stock in a selected watchlist "ordered by price (from the lowest to the highest)" using AFL after an exploration? if anyone reply me I explain better my question. (I have AB 6.20) Thanks in advance Kiss
  4. 56gsa

    Watchlist that has small chart for each stock

    Question..... I saw a guy in a cafe with a watchlist he was scrolling down on - so it had one line per stick - but at the end of the line it had a small chart Handy tool so you don't have to flick to the chart for each stock ... Does anyone know which software has this functionality? Thanks
  5. B

    How to get market sensitive announcements automatically for a watchlist?

    So I'm with Commsec and they have a cool feature where you can subscribe to market sensitive alerts for stocks and they'll push the notification to your phone. I was wondering is there a similar feature that can do this but for an entire watchlist? I don't want to have to set them up for every...
  6. Craton

    Craton's ASX Watchlist

    A watch list of ASX tickers and in no particular order:- ASX NCM CCL MVF NST LNG PEN CAB FMS CWE CTP HSK MEP BNO TNE PSY VXL
  7. C

    Best free watchlist website

    Anyone got any suggestions on the best Watchlist site. I used to use JBWere site but now can't get in because of changes. I would prefer one showing green rises and red losses and percentages of rise and fall. Any suggestions please?
  8. D

    Watchlist Software/Scripts? - Premium Data (Fundamental)?

    Hi all, I'm looking at slowly (potentially one day) getting a share's watch list website together. Does anybody know of any software packages that be readily bought that have watch list capabilities. - I mean though of course, ones to install on a website and not one that I myself can use...
  9. A

    How do I streamline my watchlist to reduce the number of stocks in it?

    Hi everyone I am a paper trading newbie and currently I am trying to trawl through the ASX300 stocks, which i think has a nice coverage, but I am being overwhelmed by looking through 300 stocks and end up frozen by choice. I would prefer spending more time analysing a small watchlist, than not...
  10. Sean K

    On the watchlist

    As the panic sets in around another world meltdown amid PIIGS failing and major conflict on our horizon its time to start looking at opportunites to cash in. There are large parts of the world that will continue to grow and catch up with the industrialised world. While we'll all go through a...
  11. S

    Watchlists - good or bad?

    I'm talking about watchlists of potential aquisitions to your portfolio. On one hand it's saddening to see shares rocketing up you've havent bought into yet. and on the other, you see things that make you think "boy, I'm glad I didn't get that!" What are your feelings? Those are my...
  12. moneymajix

    Rocktober Oil & Gas Watchlist

    This is not investment advice. These are some of my current interests. ARQ - $1.475 AOC - 2c EBROA - 1.5c EGO - 2.3c FRV - 6.3c MOGOA - 1c MPO - 16c PTR - 80.5c REY - 9.5c SAE - 62.5c SSN - 21c ADI - 66c :D Happy, happy, joy
  13. S

    Which Stocks are on your Watchlist...

    Hi Guys, just curious to know, which stocks are currently on your watchlist... personally the following... are some stocks, ive been keep a close eye on.... if they do break the hold backs... looking in towards the short/medium position holding... GAN (is forming a triple top, but watching...