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  1. A

    How many people get above average returns over the long term?

    Many people argue that you are better off in the long term putting your money into index funds, I think the average is around 7-8% compounded and that most money managers do not beat this, there are some of course that do beat this such as famous value investors; buffet, greenblatt etc. But how...
  2. Cam019

    Buffetts Books - Learning Resource for Value Investors

    Buffetts Books I have found this to be a great learning resource over the last couple of years and as far as I am aware, it is yet to be posted to ASF. The website is all things Warren Buffett; from recommended books, podcasts, IV, DCF and bond calculators, to the 35 video investment course...
  3. C

    A Long Bet

    A thread to discuss Ative vs Passive. The 10 year passive vs active bet between Buffett and Protega Partners finalises end of this year. Looks like passive will easily win this bet.
  4. A

    Is there a company like Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway in Australia?

    Basically I am looking to invest my money in a fund that has very high returns and very low fees. My experience with Australian businessmen and banks has generally been an endless repeat cycle that I have trusted and have been screwed over. It's the national culture to screw someone over and...
  5. CanOz

    Great Quantitative Traders with 'Buffett' like returns

    As a continuation to a lively discussion with my good mate Rainman, i thought i would start a thread instead of clogging up the other one that was being dragged away off topic... If a mod would be so kind as to move some of the discussion it would be greatly appreciated. So besides some of...
  6. Tyler Durden

    How goes the 'drunken psycho' strategy? Just wondering, does anyone here adopt this strategy, where basically you put some money aside each fortnight/month/whatever and put it into the...
  7. TPI

    Buffett's 5 second intrinsic value calculation

    Hi, Buffet has said that he can calculate intrinsic value (IV) in less than 5 seconds, how does he do that? According to this article... ...A simple formula is free cash flow / risk-free rate. Eg. For REA in 2014 cash...
  8. R

    Warren Buffett's investment strategy cracked: researchers Direct Link,%20Kabiller%20and%20Pedersen.pdf
  9. S

    Warren Buffett Heinz investment

    Lots of news out that the EU has approved 3G Capital + WB takeover of Heinz. Just like when the deal was announced, I am seeing a lot of commentary about how he is paying 20 times earnings when he is supposed to be a value investor. This seemed a little silly to me. Research I've done for...
  10. WilkensOne

    The Warren Buffett approach

    Hey all, I am just starting out learning about investments and trading, currently only have a small amount invested in shares. The forums have been extremely insightful and I am glad there is a group of aussies I can talk to! My main question is about Warren Buffett's style of investing...
  11. V

    Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway letters help

    Hi all, In another thread a member of this forum very kindly posted a link to a page where letters from Warren BUffett to shareholders of Berkshire can be found. I am reading through these because a couple of members on this forum advised that it is a...
  12. ubtheboss

    Students of Roger Montgomery's (Buffett's) intrinsic valuation method

    Roger Montgomery's new book expounds and expands Warren Buffet's methods of calculating/ forecasting a share price based on the intrinsic value of a company. Roger has a blog but not an efficient forum where students can help each other. If you are a student of Montgomery/ Buffet and want to...
  13. K

    Australia's very own 'Warren Buffett'

    I have heard about Platinum brand and Kerr Nielsen, a visionary & world class fund manager. His highly acclaim PTM hit the market and those lucky enough to have them made nearly 80% on the first day. Could Mr Kerr Nielsen be Australia's Warren Buffet, without those big glassess? the last time i...
  14. wayneL

    Buffett on Real Estate/Commodities

    Buffet bearish on real estate, implies commodities are in a bubble. Excerpts:
  15. Julia

    Buffett's Confidence

    This is interesting. Julia
  16. I

    Warren Buffett

    I am starting a new thread on Warren Buffett, who is widely regarded as the best investor the world has ever seen. I will add to the posts here gradually. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you "The Oracle from Omaha". As a start, from the internet, I gathered the following: "THE CROWD...