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  1. basilio

    War threat in Ukraine

    The risk of Russian invasion of Ukraine is now approaching certainty. What implications are there for investment markets ? (Greggles observations in Russian Aggression thread)
  2. System

    WAR - WAM Strategic Value

    WAM Strategic Value Limited (WAR) aims to provide Shareholders with strong risk-adjusted returns derived from an Investment Strategy focused on identifying and capitalising on buying assets at a discount. The Investment Strategy will primarily focus on Australian LICs and LITs, with which the...
  3. StockyGuy

    Call for Thoughts - How Does a War Affect Capital Allocation Decisions?

    Of course, from the start, I emphasise there's no intent to ignore the tragedy involved in armed conflicts. Likewise it's not really about questions over whether particular state or non-state actors may pursue or encourage a war footing simply to benefit financially. I suspect it happens and...
  4. Tisme

    Vietnam War

    The Vietnam War was in itself as brutal as war gets, but it is also a lingering game changer on the American psyche. In response to luutzu's movie review of "The Post" I'd like to kick start a discussion that is not layered with USA post conflict propaganda. The Start: 1) mid 1950's the Viet...
  5. Tisme

    War Imminent or Merely a Cluster @#&*?

    So many of the settings are falling into place for a pre WW2 revival. 1. Two big empires starting to rub each other up the wrong way, with an convenient irritant to light the fuse. 2. Social society majority being crippled with rules and having "Gay Berlin" red ragged in their faces 3...
  6. DB008

    Has the 100 year Jihad (war) begun ... ???

    Mixed Religious Ideologies (Christianity vs Islam) Tolerant vs Intolerant (Christianity vs Islam) Terror attacks on the West (Madrid, New York, London, Bali) and Wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria) Beheadings of citizens of the West Politicians don't want to address/talk about this...
  7. Garpal Gumnut

    World War III: Has it Started?

    I was thinking much about the mostly European and North American workers killed in Algeria by the Al Qaeda thug, and his henchmen, whose name I thankfully have not committed to memory. It made me think that the West needs to adopt a similar ethic as it did in WW11. Civilians are going to...
  8. Agentm

    War graves kicked in

    bunch of cowards all their faces hidden, happily filming each other as they target aussie digger graves lets see the heroes put their good Muslim names behind this outrage!! bunch of cowards... love to stand in front of anyone brave enough to tell me they did this!! COWARDS!!! all of...
  9. J

    Would you go to war?

    Imagine this...WW3...full scale war...not naming races or anything...just a question: - Would you give up everything you have known to defend the country that has treated you so well? The lucky country as people have put it... - Would you, in this day and age, be willing to say goodbye to...
  10. wayneL

    War and Rumours of War

    Russian sabre rattling, Georgia, Gaza, Congo etc. A recurring theme amongst the chattering classes, is that depressions lead to war. Well, we don't know whether this will be a depression, but the possibility is there. The scariest of these conflicts are when the backers of these little tinpot...
  11. wayneL

    War with Iran :-0

    Check out this CNN footage :-0 Oh Cr@p!!!!!!!!!
  12. R

    *IRAN* War already started: Scott Ritter

    The US war with Iran has already begun. by Scott Ritter Sunday 19 June 2005. Americans, along with the rest of the world, are starting to wake up to the uncomfortable fact that President George Bush not only lied to them about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (the ostensible...
  13. R

    The American use of War Pretext Incidents

    Going to War: The American use of War Pretext Incidents. Going to War: Unraveling the Tangled Web of American Pretext Stratagems (1846-1989) By Richard Sanders, coordinator, Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade...