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wall street

  1. darkhorse70

    Rats trading on Wall Street, LOL
  2. R

    The Wall Street Code documentary

    Found this on Youtube, looks like it just came out the other day. It's a Documentary about Quants and HFT. I haven't watched the whole thing yet but it looks interesting.
  3. Joules MM1

    Wall Street's own Warren Report

    video: PBS Frontline interviews for anyone wanting to fill some blanks, from the horses mouth..... excerpted (2nd interview Well Fargo AAA bank forced...
  4. deedeeramone

    How a Doctor beat Wall Street

    Really well written article that captures the Value Investing mindset: Betting on the Blind Side
  5. L

    Scalping Wall Street

    Hi guys, Just thought id share a little scalp i had lat night on wall street, and i will include a statement to prove that i did do it. Last night, i was watching wall street cash, and had thought about opening a short earlier on to hedge my longs from yesterday, i missed my oppurtunity...
  6. Average Joe

    The New Wall Street Reality

    Pretty funny. The New Wall Street Reality GM chapter 11 = PRICED IN 125K+ jobs lost from GM chapter 11 = PRICED IN unemployment @ 9% = BETTER THAN EXPECTED unemployment @ 10% = DOW SOARS unemployment @ 11% = GREEN SHOOT RALLY...
  7. bigdog

    Stock Futures Wall Street Stock futures point to modestly higher opening Stock futures point toward higher opening as investors wait to hear from Fed chairman By Stephen Bernard, AP Business Writer...
  8. M

    Current rally on Wall Street

    Heard from a US friend that Goldman Sachs has engineered the current rally on Wall Street. They are the biggest buyer of shares (over 1 billion per week recently) Their own share price has jumped from $75 to $125 which allowed them to raise $5 billion at a price 65% higher than earlier in the...
  9. J

    Disappointing Blue Chip Earnings Reports Send Wall Street Lower

    21-Jan: The US market ended the week with heavy losses, as both GE and Citigroup failed to meet investor expectations in their latest earnings reports. Despite an increase in sales, Motorola was also unable to satisfy investors after producing a reduced profit outlook. A sharp rise in...