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    Commsec W-8BEN Form Enquiry

    Hi guys, i have a question regarding the W-8BEN FORM that i have to scan in to Commsec due to tax purposes. I am not a citizen of Australia. How do i fill up the form? I've called the customer service of Commsec and according to them, i would need a signature from a police, accountant, or a...
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    Etrade not offering W-8BEN Form - How to minimise US Withholding Tax?

    Hi there, I'm new to this forum and looking for advice to do with minimising US withholding tax on US shares I plan on selling through my Etrade Australia account. It turns out Etrade Australia don't offer the W-8BEN form anymore, for reasons I'm not quite sure and this means that if I decide...
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    International shares, W-8BEN and Etrade

    hi everyone im new here and wasnt sure if i should post this here or in the international thread but i have a question. early this year i decided to buy 3 lots of AAPL shares on the NASDAQ via ANZ etrade, i have now learnt that i should fill out a W-8BEN because i will get taxted at a higher...