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  1. B

    New to VSA

    I'm new to VSA and still trying to get my head around it. I've read "Master the Markets" and "A Complete Guide to Volume Price Analysis", but I am still trying to spot the areas of interest using volume in the actual markets. Looking at the S&P 500 (SPX) below I was wondering if someone...
  2. E

    Using Wyckoff/VSA in cryptos

    My question is given the proven fact that most of the trading volume in crypto is fake (wash trading etc...) does it make sense to use wyckoff/vsa type of analysis on cryptos?
  3. R

    Trend Trading VSA

    Gday guys I am a technical trend trader using VSA to find high probability setups. I will be posting tutorials on this thread regularly showing my method and the process I use. I might even post potential setups for London session. I just need to go over the forum rules and make sure I'm...
  4. R

    Volume Spread Analysis - Has anyone had success in the Forex Market?

    Hi all, I am a newcomer to Forex and have opened a demo account with a local broker. For the past few months, I have been studying various material on the internet about the VSA method of trading (Volume Spread Analysis). Mainly, the Tom Williams and Gavin Holmes material that's out there for...
  5. tech/a

    VSA Chart Analysis Discussion Thread

    Post your charts here for VSA discussion and try your analysis here. We can watch the following days and see how it pans out! Include Chart Code with the chart Posted. Have a go yourself. Everyone welcome.
  6. S

    ASF Weekly VSA Club

    Hi guys, This weekend past, I had an idea that it would be nice for the ASF crew to do a weekly Volume Spread Analysis club. I guess the idea is pretty simple, we pick just one large cap stock with high liquidity and solely listed on the ASX (so no BHP or RIO) and follow it on a weekly basis...
  7. ThingyMajiggy

    The beginning...

    Hey readers, This is my first post to my blog, I don't know if anyone will follow it or not, or even whether I care of not if anyone follows it, I'm just using it as somewhere to jot down my progress and thoughts as I go. I am currently studying VSA, I have the Tradeguider EOD software...