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    Would you consider voting on the blockchain?

    How can we still be voting with pencil and paper in 2019, its outrageous. One such company changing the way we vote is called Horizon State, they using the cryptocurrency called HST tokens to power a voting/decision platform. The voting process is around 90% cheaper, the results are instant...
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    Who are you voting for?

    Now we have a week to go what decision have you made?
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    Women voting in Kuwait

    Women have won the right to vote in Kuwait,for the first time they have also won the right to be candidates,not many are expected to win but I suppose its a start. :)
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    Compulsory voting

    Seeing as the Liberal vs Labor thread was going a bit off the rails I've decided to start a new thread. For starters I couldnt care less about politics and neither do most people I associate with. To me there is hardly any difference between the 2 main parties....althoughIi guess if I did...