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  1. R

    Possible meaning of super large Volume and no spread after market close

    Hello, Just after some possible reasons why this would occur on a chart. I assume most people believe volume is a crucial part of analysing a chart but this is too weird and wanted to know if it's important or not. 1 - Super high volume (40 times larger than avg with a total volume of 4.7M) 2 -...
  2. Dominover

    Tradingview - (Anyone subscribe to this?)

    I was considering using the Pro Version of Tradingview for technical analysis of stocks I want to buy intraday? Has anyone used it for this? I really like the tools on this platform but I want to be sure that I can get the trade Volume to show on the pro platform should I subscribe to it...
  3. R

    Small volume in high price stocks

    Hi all, I have a newbie (?noobie) question. I consider myself a long term investor. I am investing my regular savings, now and then, on high quality stocks, usually between 500 to 1000 dollars at a time. The question I wonder is....what would be a value/meaning for someone like me in buying...
  4. A

    Over the Weekend Volume

    What are those massive volume spikes between 4PM Friday and 10AM Monday in Commsec?
  5. tech/a

    Volume-Price-Patterns-Context & Catalysts - Example Charts & Analysis

    As suggested I will post up charts with analysis to follow. I search for Volume Control Bars and save them to file. I have 2 searches (1) For Today (5) 5 Days ago so we can look for any patterns. Most VCB bars have price form an inside bar the next day,this is common Strong bars will continue...
  6. tech/a

    Volume-Price-Patterns-Context & Catalysts, an Application to Trading Stocks

    Further to Greggles discussion on DYL This is a fascinating topic that I have researched and refined over at least 10 yrs. It really needs to be presented in its entirety as charts and explanation are really necessary to show a complete picture. To gel everything together. Topics (1) Volume...
  7. G

    Access to historical price data

    Hi does anyone know how to get a download of the past year ( or 5 yrs) price data for every share on the asx, without having to type in individual stock codes? I,m also after option prices too. Looking for the standard end of day info (OCHL, Vol) etc. Preferably free. Thanks
  8. L

    Amibroker, change Volume format so easier to read

    Hey guys Loving this program now. Flying through it :) One thing that bothers me is when i move my mouse cursor over a volume candle, it brings up a new box which will say the volume price amount for eg: 24675345 That's great but is there a way to change the format so it can read: 24m...
  9. M

    Google Finance - how to display the aggregated volume of a stock per day?

    hello everyone, i am new to the ASX -- trying to learn more about technical analysis. not sure if google finance is a good starting point to browse the screen different stock options? Anyway, i have a question regarding displaying the "volumne" of the stock at google finance...
  10. N

    Volume Question

    Would it be wise to say that a large move down on the hourly, with moderate, slightly above average volume indicates a lack of demand in the stock? Visa Versa, would it be wise to assume an up move on lower than average volume would indicate a lack of supply? Pretty broad questions. I am...
  11. V

    Disadvantages of high volume stocks

    Hi guys, What are some of the pro's and con's of super high volume stocks. (20M+)
  12. K

    Volume vs. Indicators

    Probably not until you feel the pointlessness of working with indicators by yourself, you will not be able to refuse them. However, for a person who recently came to the stock exchange, indicators can help to understand one important thing, namely, to understand the meaning of systematic...
  13. K

    Working with volumes (concept)

    The greater the volume, the greater the interest of market participants to this level, because the volume - the number of contracts (or shares) which have passed from hand to hand over a certain period of time. As you know, the basic meaning of the work on the stock exchange - the intention to...
  14. K

    The working volume settings

    Hi people I give you a piece of the Grail J Intraday trading, I show the working volume settings. Mark the correct amount, look at the reaction of the volume. Open position when price approach to the level of volume. Pictures 1 - without setting Pic. 2 and 3 - setting of volume Pic. 4-6 -...
  15. S

    Very low or no $ volume

    I have zero experience in this and need some insight from those who do. This relates to this thread I gleaned a little from this thread but not enough. Could you please respond, if you have ACTUALLY bought and sold micro / nano caps, and what your experience has been? I'm not...
  16. B

    Huge spike in volume - why?

    What would be a likely cause of the volume spike on the 21th November 2014? There is an announcement on that date but would that be the contributing factor for the huge spike?
  17. B

    Volume at price

    Anyone know a way to get volume at price (end of day) in relation to the asx?
  18. darkhorse70

    Huge spike in Dow Jones volume

    Just had a look at my charts. To my suprise I saw a huge spike in the dowi volune of 7B . Usually its around 400/500M. None of the other major US indexes had anythjng of that caliber. My question was a) is this because maybe more of the earnings to date were relavent to the dowi or b) is there...
  19. B

    High volume, low price?

    Hi, I'm new to the stock market and am trying to learn on my feet. I can find most of my information in blogs, how to's etc. however I have one question I cannot find the answer to. Possibly because I do not know the correct terms to search so I thought if I could explain what I want to know...
  20. againsthegrain

    Partial order not completely filled when enough volume was traded?

    I put in a order to buy roughly 100k volume of a stock. I had 5k filled in on wed and my order was left open to be complete when there is more sellers at the price I put in a bid. I put in the order to be open until completed. So logically I am the first in que since my order is already...