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  1. frugal.rock

    XVI - S&P/ASX 200 VIX Index

    "The Aussie VIX" First chart is YEAR TO DATE Second chart, 30 DAY CHART which shows today's candle forming. Maybe this belongs in the breakout threads....? Hmmmm? o_O
  2. Dominover

    Comparable ASX VIX to CBOE VIX indexes?

    The CBOE offers a 9 day, 1 month (standard VIX), 3 month, and 6 month Volatility index based on contracts for these time periods. I'm wondering if Australia offers something similar. The S&P ASX200 VIX offers a 30-day time horizon which doesn't allow for longer term outlooks on the VIX like...
  3. C

    Trading the VIX?

    how do you trade the VIX i notice that the Vix is listed to 2 decimal places yet in a demo account i was trialing, it was trading to 1 decimal place and without the real volatility that the vix chart displays elsewhere