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  1. Tisme

    Violence... The New Face of Australia

    Well we all know about the kid who was killed by two thugs recently who thought hitting him uber hard in the head was funny; then the drunk in Mt Isa who took out a woman door steward and the latest...
  2. Tink

    Domestic Violence - Royal Commission in Victoria

    Victorian domestic violence royal commission begins first day of public hearings in Melbourne Victoria's Royal Commission into Family Violence begins holding public hearings in Melbourne today, with Victoria Police and at least one family violence victim to appear on the first day. The...
  3. MrBurns

    Alcohol fueled violence

    Why dont the authorities here do something instead of throwing it back at the police, perhaps they don't want to offend their mates in the grog pushing business, if they can do this in the UK why not here, their problem seems much the same as ours. """Britain to introduce minimum alcohol...