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  1. So_Cynical

    Videos - Economics, Finance, Stock Picking and Analysis

    A Thread where all ASF contributors can post finance, economics and stock related videos. I watch a few every week and figured it would be a good idea to have a thread where we could collect the best of them, build a resource. I'll kick this of with a great video by Ray Dalio of Bridgewater...
  2. B

    Opinion on Tim Sykes and this vid?

    smells like bs,
  3. R

    Anyone willing to make this sort of video?

    Hey guys I am wondering if anyone would make this sort of video? That is on youtube you researching a random company trying to figure out whether or not its a quality business then trying to figure out its intrinsic value. I am suprised there isn't a single video on it, someone just recording...
  4. S

    Live Video Recordings of Trading Thread

    Hi ALL, I'm just new here, so I wouldn't be a good example to start this thread, but would really love to see some of the more experienced/successful members record their day trading and provide commentry on all the signs a trader should be aware of during a trade... I'vee seem it on other...