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  1. Garpal Gumnut

    Let us spare a thought for our Victorian ASF Members

    Let us spare a thought for our Victorian ASF members this weekend. gg
  2. Garpal Gumnut

    Victorians Please Stay in Victoria

    As Covid-19 appears to be on the increase in Victoria it is essential that the contagion be contained. I believe many Victorians are fleeing the state in anticipation of a Victorian lockdown to places where there are few cases. This is unwise. Think Australian and not selfishly. We can all get...
  3. Smurf1976

    Road trip - Vic/SA/NSW

    Planning to do a road trip starting and ending in Melbourne (coming from Tas on the ferry). Looking for some thoughts on where to go and what to do and see along the way. All suggestions welcome. Starting and ending in Melbourne is a must. No interest in spending time in Sydney or...
  4. Tink

    Domestic Violence - Royal Commission in Victoria

    Victorian domestic violence royal commission begins first day of public hearings in Melbourne Victoria's Royal Commission into Family Violence begins holding public hearings in Melbourne today, with Victoria Police and at least one family violence victim to appear on the first day. The...
  5. J

    Forex day traders near Traralgon, VIC?

    I will be living near Traralgon for the next 5 months and I day trade (mostly evenings/nights) forex. Does anybody with similar interest want to get together and maybe share ideas?
  6. Knobby22

    2014 Victorian Election

    Well it looks like the maverick ex Liberal MP of Frankston is going to take down the Napthine Victorian Government. It is very unfortunate as this Coalition government has been, in my view, the best Victorian State Government in living memory and that includes Kennett's. In the short time they...
  7. J

    Any day traders living in the Gippsland VIC area?

    I am interested in meeting with other people, who are day trading forex, in an environment where we can actually do some trading and discuss potential set-ups as they happen. I am in Warragul, so not really that far from Melbourne either. Cheers
  8. L

    Victoria/Melbourne - anything good economically?

    With industries like manufacturing disappearing, and retail under pressure, is there anything left in Victoria that has a bright economic future? I can't see any standout industries or sectors. I see Sydney being the financial hub of the country, Perth has mining etc. But what does Melbourne...
  9. explod

    Peter Ryan will bring down the Liberals in Victoria

    It is with interest, having a good idea of the fundamental goings on behind the Victoria Police, that we see Peter Ryan's Office embroilled in bringing down former CCP Overland. :banghead: I my view the Liberals have broken the age old rule of interfearing in what is supposed to be by Statute...
  10. sam76

    Victorian Fires

    updates here. listen to your local ABC for updates. It's very hairy out there at the moment be careful.
  11. D

    Victorian Police and Hummers

    Noticed Victorian Police cruising the CBD on Thursday in a jazzed up Hummer. It was not a good look at all..reminded me of the "police" in certain cities who are really the military arm of the Government. Talk about isolating members of the police force from the citizens...Get out and walk.. or...