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  1. L

    Lincoln Stock Doctor or Vectorvest? Which is best?

    Hello to anyone who can help me. I am currently trialling Lincoln Stock Doctor and Vectorvest. My question is whether you have advice on which is a better product to buy for someone who is just starting in the stock investment market. Cost is $1600 vs $600 per annum. Any comments greatly...
  2. Cadence

    VectorVest or a good Aussie equivalent?

    A friend recently pointed me to VectorVest and having seen the demo video, it appears to be a useful tool to play with as an alternative to say using all the CommSec facilities. Can any members rank VectorVest on a scale of 1-5 as something useful to make profit from shares as a short-term...
  3. N

    VectorVest Australia

    Hi. Just received an email from Aussie Stock Forums regarding VectorVest Australia. VectorVest claim its the smartest, fastest and easiest to use share analysis system. They are offering a 5 week trial for $9.95 plus some bonus gifts (books and dvd). Has anyone heard of or had dealings...