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  1. Ben Gordon

    Vanguard Investment

    Once again im sorry for my newbie questions. Currently invested $1000 into VAS on vanguard. I could only buy up to 95% according to the website due to possible inflation. When i log into my portfolio i have 10units at a price of $89.50. Now i'm unsure what happens now? Do i just leave it...
  2. R

    Which ETF to hedge against BBOZ?

    Hi all, First question here - If my thoughts are that the ASX will decline over the next 6 months or more and have moved in to BBOZ (geared bear fund). What suitable ETF would be good to mitigate some of that risk. A standard A200 or VAS or something else and what ratio should I consider...
  3. Frankieplus

    VAS v A200 v IOZ performance comparison

    I'm trying to learn how to research a stocks performance, is this tool from Sharesight ok? I want to invest in the ASX index and have 3 options. VAS, A200 and IOZ. My immediate thought was to go VAS but then I discovered the other 2 and wanted to compare performance. According to Sharesight...
  4. Frankieplus

    VAS v IOZ - Better returns on the cheaper stock?

    I have been researching VAS and IOZ. VAS top ASX 300 and IOZ top 200 Stocks. The performance of these 2 seems to be fairly similar but IOZ stock price is a lot lower than VAS. VAS around $61 and IOZ around $20. Wouldn't this mean that I will make 3 times more money investing in IOZ...
  5. A

    Seeking a bit of guidance

    Hi all, First time posting. I am looking for a bit of advice regarding what would be the best move regarding my holdings. I want to concentrate on investing for future financial freedom. I'm 36 years old Car is paid off, no credit cards or personal loans. Just got married and the wife also...
  6. P

    Any difference between Vanguard Index Australian Shares Fund and VAS?

    Guys, What is the difference between... Vanguard Index Australian Shares Fund and Vanguard Australian Shares Index ETF (VAS)? I can see one has minimum investment of 5k, management fee (0.75%) and other is EFT and has lower fee. Performance wise both are very similar in the last 3 years. Is...
  7. qprjames

    Which ETF? IOZ vs. STW vs. VAS

    Not quite sure if I have put this thread is in the right place? I'm looking at buying into an ETF. I really just want to track the asx200. I'm not sure whether I should select IOZ or STW or VAS? I understand there is little difference between the 3. They all follow the asx200, have very...
  8. B

    Both AFI and VAS? Or just one of them?

    Hi! I'm trying to get the bulk of my savings doing something and putting 25% of my portfolio into 'Australia'. At this point I have decided a 50% 50% split between AFI and VAS to get the benefits of low level management and the long-term safety of an index. To me, that logic seems okay, but...
  9. D

    VAS - Vanguard Australian Shares Index ETF

    Doesn't seem to be a thread for this, so here goes. Please see link to Vanguard page outlining details of the new offering - PDS, fact sheets, announcements etc. Marginally cheaper than STW at 0.27% versus...