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  1. I

    Van Tharp: I need an explanation please thanks for the help

    i have read his book super trader over and over again but im really having a hard time understanding how does he calculate the numbers in the book after looking at this table several times 1 $678 0.86R 2 $3,456 4.40R 3 ($567) –0.72R 4 $342 0.44R 5 $1,234 1.57R 6 $888 1.13R 7 ($1,333)...
  2. Gringotts Bank

    Van Tharp's Position Sizing Game

    I've just downloaded and had a play with this. First 3 levels are free. I don't get it! What can be learnt from this other than don't go over 2% and don't go too much under 1%? Am I missing something? Why does he make it so that you have to sit there with your calculator entering the...
  3. J

    Position Sizing Confusion - Help Please!

    Hi, I am currently looking to design a trading system and am reading various literature on all aspects of this. One concept that has confused me a little is the % volatility model of position sizing (ps). My current understanding is based on the Van Tharp explanation and my issue is this...
  4. Gringotts Bank

    Van K Tharp - Super Trader

    Tharp's latest book 'Super Trader' is a bit different to most other books. At long last he (and Seykota and Basso) are admitting success in trading is all psychological - the whole thing, 100%. Why he then goes on to describe position sizing and business plans...well I haven't got that far...
  5. PolarBear

    Strategy Performance using Van Tharp System Quality Number (SQN)

    Hi all, I've recently read the book by Van Tharp - Definitive_Guide_to_Position_Sizing and i think it's a great read on the topic of determining how to best select position sizes for your trades. I have a question however regarding the system quality number Van Tharp uses to determine...
  6. P

    Van Tharp seminar free on YouTube

    Bit long winded but for anyone interested, its in 6 parts heres a link to part 1, links to the other 5 will appear to the right of the screen.