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  1. A

    How many people get above average returns over the long term?

    Many people argue that you are better off in the long term putting your money into index funds, I think the average is around 7-8% compounded and that most money managers do not beat this, there are some of course that do beat this such as famous value investors; buffet, greenblatt etc. But how...
  2. Cam019

    Buffetts Books - Learning Resource for Value Investors

    Buffetts Books I have found this to be a great learning resource over the last couple of years and as far as I am aware, it is yet to be posted to ASF. The website is all things Warren Buffett; from recommended books, podcasts, IV, DCF and bond calculators, to the 35 video investment course...
  3. Mr Bear

    Small Cap Investing 12 Month Portfolio High Return

    I'll be providing a look at my ASX portfolio of small cap stocks, a monthly portfolio will be provided with holding period of 12 months. At some point I will provide either my European or French small cap trades as well. Theory is: *Cheapest stocks with highest momentum. *12 month holding...
  4. R

    How long does it take you to study an individual business?

    So there are 2 components in successful value investing. Finding quality businesses and finding out their intrinsic value then buying the stock which is alot lower than its true value. How much time do you spend on each would you say? This investor on youtube said takes about 1000 hours to get...
  5. pblain

    Free online tool for value investors

    What do you think of this tool? It calculates the intrinsic value of ASX listed companies using different methods. It’s free BTW.
  6. D

    Thoughts on dual prime, redundancy & margin of safety

    Source: It is a fact of life that things don’t always go according to plan. A missed train; a late delivery; a canceled order, but that’s okay. There’s always the next train. They are non-critical events. However, there...
  7. Cam019

    Contrarian Investment Journal

    Hi all, I'm relatively new to this forum but after having a bit of a read through robusta's and KnowThePast's documented investment journeys, I have decided to start one of my very own. I am using a fairly simple systematic deep value investing strategy to find stocks trading at a significant...
  8. V

    Position sizing and Portfolio Management for fundamental/value investors

    Like many value investors I have a tendency to use fairly loose and arbitrary position sizing and portfolio management. I have a concentrated portfolio and tend to base my position sizing on: -How risky is the investment? -What is the possible/probable return profile of the investment? -How...
  9. luutzu - Business Analysis and Value Investing Software

    Hello guys, Introducing my contribution to the world of investing :D Before getting to the sales pitch, can I make an offer so Joe and Pixel can't refuse? ASF Members Offer If you message me I'll create an account free for you the first month. If I really like you I'll leave it on...
  10. goponcho

    Overall market return?

    Hi, am a beginner learning value investing. Am trying to workout the rough yield between investment classes. With regards to a indexing option, where can i find the data to calculate the overall long term return of an index fund such as VAS? - with the dividend yield, maybe take the average of...
  11. A

    First year of "value" investing in review

    I tend to read a lot of posts here, but never post myself...mainly because I'm still learning and don't have much to say. I've decided that perhaps the occasional post and especially any feedback might speed that learning up. I made my first direct stock purchases on Dec 16 2013 so tomorrow...
  12. goponcho

    Learn value investing...or just buy BRK?

    Hi guys, Still learning about value investing as a method to grow my wealth long term. But, then sometimes i think, why dont i just stick it all in BRK? Pretty good long term return, for a pretty good risk profile with Buffett in charge for now? I feel like i will need to dedicate a...
  13. goponcho

    Value investing Skype group

    Hi guys, Wanting to get together a group of value investors together on skype to discuss strat. Only looking for those who are keen to study, and not speculate/get hot tips. Would be good to get together a range of experience. Did try to search but couldn't find any skype groups. PM...
  14. goponcho

    Basic accounting book for value investing

    Hi, Was going to plunge into the intelligent investor and security analysis soon. I however heard some basic reading on accounting would help prior? I do have a basic understanding of economics through year 12 and reading basic economics by sowell. Otherwise not much relevant background...
  15. A

    Value Investing - A low risk strategy for long term outperformance

    I would be interested to hear from any members of the forum who are committed value investors. The principles of value investing seem to me to hold as true now as they have ever held, with the principles being followed by notable investors such as Ben Graham and Warren Buffett since the...
  16. Nortorious

    Fundamental Analysis Criteria

    Hi All, I have been reading Julian Dawson's book titled "Wealth Wisdom". In his book, Julian identifies some selection criteria using fundamental analysis. I'm still learning fundamental analysis techniques and am hoping that the more experienced investors here might be able to critique...
  17. J

    Looking for Historical Financial Data on ASX listed companies

    I am after historical financial data for ASX listed companies. I am after the all financial statements (balance sheet, etc.) listed on a database that can be easily downloaded to excel. I realise you can some data from Yahoo finance, but this information is very slim and only goes back a...
  18. S

    Value & Growth Investing Criteria

    Hey guys, Been in the market a little while, had some good gains and some loses as well. I'm at the point now where i've been researching and realised i should put together some sound criteria and strategies. At the moment I have decided upon 3 separate portfolios, all holding a set % of my...
  19. O

    Narrowing the list down for value investing

    Hi, How do value investors narrow down the enormous list of equities and bonds that exist world wide in search of value? I'm sure it can't be a case of start at the top of the list and work downwards? For example, does Warren Buffet walk into work every day and sit down in front of...
  20. deedeeramone

    How a Doctor beat Wall Street

    Really well written article that captures the Value Investing mindset: Betting on the Blind Side