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  1. R

    Peter Thiel on Moats, Valuation & How to Think

    Peter Thiel is a co-founder of PayPal and Palantir Technologies, which specialized in big data analytics. While it is more apt to call him a tech entrepreneur than an investor, he knows something about moats and good thinking. Peter Thiel explains the differences between perfect competition...
  2. T

    Purchasing a small business - professional valuation

    I'm a young health professional and an opportunity has arisen to purchase a business in my field. I know this isn't about shares or macro stuff but ASF has some of the smartest, knowledgeable, and helpful people I know (well I guess I don't really know you all but I admire your posts) I've...
  3. goponcho

    Graham - Appraisal method

    So reading the intelligent investor. Chapter 8 is security analysis for the lay person. Graham talks about common stock analysis and coming up with a valuation: Valuation = estimated future earnings x capitalisation factor And the capitalisation factor is meant to account for a whole...
  4. R

    Properties valuation

    Say I like a property and want to get serious buying it... How would I get a valuation on it (I dont mind paying for it) can that person get a reasonable valuation of the property without bothering the vendor?
  5. A

    Stock Valuation

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone on here uses financial models to value an equity? I've made a pretty simple DCF model which i've been using to value well known equities from the US market. Obviously the results aren't very accurate because my assumptions are probably way off, but it would...
  6. Bushman

    A-REIT valuation model

    Does anyone have an excel-based A-REIT valuation model or know where I can lay my hands on one? Much appreciated if anyone does. Cheers B'man
  7. D

    Interested in valuation?

    This link contains pertinent information: Click VALUATION on the blue left side column
  8. ducati916

    BHP.....A Fundamental Analysis & Valuation

    Current Price $39.91 Code BHP Yield 1.1% Market Capitalization $128150 TCI Price Target $18.70 to $13.80 Investment Sector Industrial Metals & Minerals Price/Earnings ratio 18.73 Recommendation Place on a watch list Place Price Chart here. INDUSTRY STATISTICS Market...