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  1. Muckman

    Why is PayPal's AUD/USD exchange rate still at 69c?

    So it’s been over 71c -72c for some time now almost 73c soon to the USD but PayPal is still trading at 69c What’s the go? Should I just use the Visa card for my next purchase ?
  2. frugal.rock

    The Chinese G Dollar: USD under attack

    So, this has gone under my radar... China is pushing for a gold backed renminbi. Could explain why the US is buying up gold. Further research needed, will pick the brains of the wife who is currently obsessed with the imminent? downfall of the CCP. Anyone aware of this? Any other information at...
  3. B

    NDQ.AX vs QQQ when USD is strong

    I was wondering if anyone could educate me, with the USD being so strong against the AUD currently, does it make a difference if I buy NDQ.AX or QQQ? I mean, is my AUD capital going just as far when purchasing each ETF? I currently only trade international shares, have allocations in QQQ, VGT...
  4. S

    IG CFD Order

    Hi everyone, I'm a new IG client and decided to have a crack trading the RBA with them on their CFD platform today. I placed a stop order to sell AUD/USD at 0.6988 with a stop-loss at 0.6994 at around 14:29:40. At 14:30:04, the market was rallying following the decision to keep rates on...
  5. T0BY


    I haven't traded forex for a while, but started watching USDNOK towards the end of 2018. Oslo has the same time zone as Frankfurt, Paris ect and stock market opens same time. During these hours the spread is acceptable, but being an exotic, I have noticed some liquidity issues. If Noway has...
  6. willoneau

    GBPUSD thoughts

    Watching the price at moment waiting to see if it turns around
  7. rogblack

    Gold backed Yuan will dilute USD Petrodollar

    For gold traders. We are in a new world as of this week. China is the world's biggest oil importer. As Trump threatens China's trade with the US China enters a new contract to pay for oil with a gold backed Yuan. This will circumvent the use of the USD (the petrodollar since 1973) from an oil...
  8. OoieGooie

    Trading Nasdaq Again - Broker Choices

    Hi There, To keep things brief, I'm currently looking for a broker to trade ETF's on the Nasdaq again and could use some advice. I've dabbled in trading already and I am very much a learner still. Unfortunately I find a lot of false information out there and I've paid for listening to it. I...
  9. W

    AMP Futures Trading Account, USD or AUD?

    I see that AMP offers us Australian residents good marings as well as commissions for trading Futures across the globe. Which base currency is best if I am an Australian resident? USD or AUD? I will be trading NQ, YM, TF but also FDAX (Euro) and then Futures on the SGX and SFE once I find them...
  10. L

    My first GBP/USD trade with IB

    Hi , I am new here, I am originally French living in Australia with Aussie wife and kids working full time. I have been investing the Australian Equity market for 6 years with success. However, after taking the course for the CFA I now feel it is not important to diversify over less correlated...
  11. DwayneBuzzell

    USD Discussion

    There has been an ongoing crisis in the U.S economy after the Mr. Trump become the U.S president beating Hilary Clinton On 8th November 2016. The green bucks gained an immense amount of strength in the global market after Mr. Trump stated that they are going to increase the fiscal spending and...
  12. G

    What happens when you buy the XAUUSD?

    what actually happens when one uses their forex broker to buy XAUUSD? i used to think it was a cfd for a futures contract, but i'm actually buying gold itself i believe (spot price). does my broker buy some gold somewhere on my behalf that's stored in a vault somewhere? or what?
  13. A

    AUD/USD - AUD/JPY Correlation

    I recently got onto a live trading account with Pepperstone. I really enjoy cTrader by the way but I digress. After watching both pairs very closely for the last week, I noticed there were particular times of the day where I would notice correlation between the pairs, which at times did...
  14. A

    Trading USD futures with AUD cash

    Got a cash account (not margin account) in IB. Can't trade forex to convert AUD to USD (ASIC regulation) Can I trade USD futures backing them with AUD cash ? cheers
  15. B

    USD index vs. AUD index

    Hi Guys, I am looking at investing in an S&P 500 index ETF and adding a few thousand each month - I am currently looking at Vanguards flagship VOO (in USD) and VOOV (in AUD). I am a little confused as to how this works. Let me know I am am thinking about this the right way. My thinking...
  16. A

    AUD/USD futures

    Hi I got all my money in USD and trade USD-based instruments in the US, using IB as platform (being an australian tax resident). Now, I want to trade AUD.USD futures, or any other Fx pair for that matter, but IB informs me about changes in regulation that Fx are no longer tradable for...
  17. MrBurns

    Converting $AU to $US

    My son wants to convert some of his cash to US dollars because he thinks the exchange rate will continue against us. Can anybody advise how to do this or should he just ring his bank ? Thanks.......... (cant edit the heading should read "to" US and double ll in dollars)
  18. R

    AUD/USD spreads on non farm payrolls June 2015

    Morning all, I had a bad time trading the non farm payrolls on the AUD/USD last week but that's forex for you:banghead:. When I queried the spreads with customer support I got the following list of bids/ask prices: Yes that's right there's a spread of 350 pips in there! I'm not...
  19. M

    Flash Crash of USD, thoughts?

    “On March 18, 2015 between 4:02 and 4:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time, the U.S. Dollar flash crashed, losing over 3% of its value in just under 4 minutes, then gaining most of it back over the next 3 minutes. This event occurred 4 minutes after the regular session of stock market trading closed on...