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  1. Boggo

    US Inflation Rate

    Just wondering what the eventual effect of this will be ?
  2. basilio

    China vs. USA: Why a military conflict may happen and military might compared

    Just a bit of perspective about war and devastation. I just finished watching a doco on SBS. It was the final of a 3 part series on the German blitz on Liverpool in May 1941. Seven nights of hellish bombing that killed thousands of people and destroyed tens of thousands of homes and...
  3. Knobby22

    NBA acts for the good of the USA

    The NBA league and its players will set up a social justice coalition to encourage greater participation by voters and advocate for “meaningful” reform of the police and justice system. In cities where teams own their arenas, the clubs and election officials will collaborate to enable people...
  4. Knobby22

    Rigging the USA election

    This is one of the reasons Trump will get back in. Exhibit 1: Kentucky to cut polling booths by 95%. Ben Jealous, president of People For The American Way, described the situation as “Our Next Electoral Nightmare.” “Half Kentucky’s Black voters live in one county,” he wrote. “It will have one...
  5. basilio

    Only in America...

    This story probably sums up the problem the US faces in tackling the COVID 19 crisis. Dr Fauci: security reportedly expanded as infectious disease expert faces threats Reports say immunologist who has become celebrity amid coronavirus has received unwelcome messages from critics and...
  6. frugal.rock

    Ignore this at your peril: The USA is going down

    Am going to throw this out there, as this is what I think. Take it as you will. I see this event as a willful and intended attack on the US financial system. All previous well known market crashes have not gone as hard and as fast as this one. Alan Kohler had a graph on the ABC a few days ago...
  7. G

    Sell Netflix in USA or cash in OZ shares

    Hi All, my Australian niece currently lives and works in USA and needs to raise $USD 25K. I manage a modest portfolio of OZ stocks (banks, industrials etc) on her behalf. She also has a US holding of Netflix stock (circa $20K usd) as a result of her employment contract. In order to raise the...
  8. basilio

    A white perspective of Racism and White Privilege in the US

    This is an very thoughtful insight into how the US treats blacks. Well worth taking the time to read in full. Thoughts ? Privileged When the police break your teammate’s leg, you’d think it would wake you up a little. When they arrest him on a New York street...
  9. basilio

    Sentencing of white collar crime in US

    Paul Manfort received a 4 year jail sentence on conviction multiple tax fraud, bank fraud and covering up huge international bank accounts. The prosecutor suggested these offenses should receive between 19-24 years jail time. The judge decided 4 years was sufficient. So why does a white...
  10. D

    Options Trading in International Markets (US, Hong Kong, India)

    Please let me know which Brokers / Platforms are recommended for trading Options / derivatives in International Stock Markets (US, Hongkong and India) from Australia? Also what are the Tax implications while trading in International Markets from Australia?
  11. kahuna1

    OLIGARCHY, Who really is running the USA

    Howdy, basically chapter 2 of my recent writings just spelling out WHO is running the show. Recent tax changes in the USA and a plan to slash all spending for welfare, elderly, medical, food stamps and disabled .... by 25-30% just passed both houses. Whilst NOT law, its as good as. Not a word...
  12. M

    Portfolio Margin A/c in USA

    In following type of trading does it matter if the a/c is Cash a/c / Reg T margin a/c or Portfolio Margin A/c ( all US market) 1) Scenario 1: Say one has 10K in a/c and is long an Option worth 10K ( call / put does not matter) Given that to be long an option is a limited risk strategy one has...
  13. basilio

    USA ousting governments they don't like: What happens afterwards?

    Most people are aware that the US routinely exercises it's God given right to decide the Government that leads countries in which it has an economic interest. Have you ever wondered how this comes about and the longer term consequences of such interventions ? I was doing some research recently...
  14. M

    FXCM USA in trouble with CFTC and NFA Hope ASIC takes notice of this
  15. Garpal Gumnut

    China Best Bet, USA Stuffed

    I have recently rejigged my portfolio to Chinese friendly stocks and away from the wanton small hand movements of the USA, which though providing temporary pleasure, inevitably lead to Repetitive Strain, and who can afford a reliable doctor these days. I digress and apologise. Thus I have...
  16. basilio

    Legalised murder in the Philippines: USA next?

    We know about the thousands of alleged drug users and small time pushers who have been killed/murdered in the Phillipines. I was reminded of this today when I heard a story from someone who has close connections in the Phillipines. Apparently there is a neat little line in outsourcing the...
  17. B

    Day trading while living in the USA

    Hi guys, I searched the forum and could not find anything related to the question I have and possibly other people might have as well. I was hoping someone with more information could shed some light on the subject. I am currently in the USA on a working visa (E3) on a marketing position...
  18. M

    CTA and a CPO in USA?

    What is the diff between a CTA and a CPO in USA? Which one goes through more scrutiny? What is the bench mark for CPO fees? is it 20% profit share and 2% management?
  19. M

    CTA (USA) or similar offering Pairs trading or similar

    Hi Can any body recommend a qualified, regulated CTA ( in USA or in other jurisdiction where such "Advisers" are properly audited etc) with these specific trading style - Trading the European Yield Curves or similar - Pairs Trading - Mean reverting spread trading Here is a explanation...
  20. basilio

    Where is/can Donald Trump take US (sic)?

    People, the media, other politicians keep talking of Donald Trump as a trainwreck. An ever cascading litany of outrageous statements, policy proposals, firebrand speeches. But perhaps its really a train ride with The Trump firmly sitting up front as the Republican preferred candidate...