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    Best $0 Brokerage Broker for US ETFs & Stocks

    Which US brokers people are using for US ETFS & Stocks? FX Conversion Fee: Charles Schwab (?), eToro (50bps), Interactive Brokers (?), IG (0.7%), CMC Markets (0.6%), Stake (0.7%), Superhero (0.5%) Almost all of them offer Free brokerage for US ETFs & Stocks except Interactive brokers. There...
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    Can internet latency cause issues with scalping US stocks?

    Hi Team, I am wondering if the latency of the internet has made you unable to partake in scalping the US stocks when living in Aus? I am worried that a 300ms latency will cause issues, however, I don't know for sure. I traded FX for years and now I intend to scalp the US market, in and out in...
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    SODE - Social Detention Inc./Bitplaza

    Hey everyone I want to share a interesting stock with you guys. The stock ticker is SODE and it trades on the American stock exchange. The company recently acquired a stake in Bitplaza Inc, a global bitcoin shopping marketplace. The Bitplaza shopping platform is already launched and generating...
  4. History Repeats no commisson for US stocks

    So i was searching through AFR and saw this, an Australian start up company offering no commission for trading US stocks. Only catch FX conversion fees at 0.7% and cash transfer fee 0.5% min $20. Only accept USD i think, stand corrected. what you guys reckon? i might give a try...
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    How to calculate the sell and buy pressure for ASX or US based stocks?

    Hello all, I was wondering if there was any way to calculate or estimate the sell and buy pressure for ASX or US based stocks. for example, Is there is any way to obtain the number of buyers and sellers (both released sales and the one waiting in the queue), their types (institutional vs...
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    Trading US stocks and options with < $1000 fund

    Hello everybody, I am an Australian resident willing to start trading US stocks and options at cheapest price available. I am aware of IB existence but their 10.000 minimum funds requirement is out of my current possibilities. Is there any alternative service I shall consider? Thanks
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    How to import Norgate Premium US Stocks data into Python?

    Hi guys, My first baby steps in Python coding and I can draw a -basic- graph with google datas for 1 stock! Now I want to import PremiumData for US stocks (on my PC used for Amibroker) and I am stuck here: engine = create_engine('mysql+mysqlconnector://root:root@localhost/????’) I know can...
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    Trading US stocks IB cash account

    Hi all I have been trading about 12 months now mainly ASX and have had some success. Recently started trading US stocks with IB cash account. Have had a few winning intraday trades,much larger market etc etc. However the Fx conversion hardly makes it worth$AUD 670 profit -$480 fx...
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    Newbie looking to trade US stocks and US oil

    hi traders, im wondering how i would get into the US market of trading? i'm looking at short-medium term trading and i dont want to take the comsec/ local bank route of US trading as i want to own the stock and being a commercial bank trading fees would be high. im after an online US...
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    US stocks

    A place to discuss and learn from each other on US stocks whether trading or investing.
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    Selling US Stocks

    A bit of a tricky one - would appreciate any advice! We have 2 separate holdings of a stock in the US with 3 year old DRS's that our Australian broker's US agent is telling us are too old for him to use to sell, and the only alternative is to arrange new certificates (4 weeks), open new...
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    Trading in US with IB - tax in AUS?

    Hi I just opened an account with IB to trade US stocks, AUD as base currency... Can anybody please explain to me tax responsibilities ? If I keep the money in my IB account (USD), do I still need to declare gains in my AUS tax return ? or only when I move it back to AUS currency is it...
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    Broker for trading US stock/ETF options?

    Hey Traders I know this is an old question but wanting to trade us stock/etf options from Australia in 2015, any advice on which broker to go with?? only make around 3/4 trades a week on short term trending. Thanks......
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    My US Stocks Portfolio

    FaceBook fully valued. Limited upside. Long gold/AUY severely undervalued
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    Trading US Stocks in Australia

    Hi all I would like to buy some US stocks. Which brokers do you recommend in Australia with low brokerage? Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks Harold
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    SMSF investing in ASX & US stocks, good cheap broker

    I would like to invest through out SMSF in both Aus & US stocks, not really do any trading. Which broker offers both markets, are the cheapest & offer a good rate for funds sitting parked in a cash management account. Thanks
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    Website with Q/Q earnings and sales growth % for US stocks

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a reliable website where I can find the last 2 or 3 quarters of Quarter over Quarter earnings and sales growth percentages for US stocks. I know IBD gives an EPS rating and last quarter only, and Marketsmith offers this for $1000.00, but does anyone know of a free...
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    Best broker to trade US stocks?

    Anyone know the best broker to trade US stocks.
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    Point and figure trading of US stocks

    Here I will share thoughts on US stocks using: technical analysis, point and figure charting, market analysis, sector analysis, Richard D. Wyckoff method analysis, relative strength analysis, and inner thoughts and feelings. In my trading I have been using point and figure and the...
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    Anyone tried investing in US stocks indirectly via ETIS?

    Any thoughts? Are there any other benefits apart from convenience (traded on the ASX so less paperwork, normal trading hours, etc.)? Has anyone "invested" in Apple or Google stocks this way?