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  1. Frankieplus

    Any issues in trading US shares?

    Hi everyone, I'm keep to start trading US Shares.. (Beyond Meant in particular BYND on the Nasdaq, but that's not the point :) Can I trade US shares just as safely as I can Australia shares? Are there any tax issues or foreign exchange issues I need to be aware of when trading US? I opened up...
  2. G

    Selling US shares on ETrade and money back to Australia

    Hi Apologies for the long description. I'm looking to sell my company shares (awarded as yearly bonus). The company is US based hence the shares are on Whats the best way to sell these shares and transfer the proceeds back to Australia? (So that i can have this more readily...
  3. L

    Hedging US shares with Interactive Brokers

    Hi Guys, I am in the process of trialling a momentum share trading system on the S&P500. Base currency is AUD. When I buy US shares, IB converts in USD with margin loan (I think). How can I hedge the currency risk if I think the AUD is going up? - IB does not allow Australians to use...
  4. W

    Broker for buying US shares

    Gday. I am an Australian living in Australia. I have USA bank account and ITIN number. I would like to buy US penny shares. Can anyone advise me where to find a US broker I can use.
  5. G

    Trading both US and ASX shares, dumb idea?

    i have a market filter so i don't get into the ASX all the time. so i could trade more often, i thought of trading US shares (when the filter allows me too, would mean that i have some ASX and some US shares going at the same time). although both markets seem correlated at times. by doing this...
  6. G

    How to convert and sell US shares in Australia?

    I own a small number of US shares (purchased from the company I used to work for in the US) and would like to sell them in Australia. The company (AZPN) is traded on NASDAQ. I have the paper share certificate, so I would need to get them converted electronically first. The total value is about...
  7. M

    Does IB charge a custody fee to hold US shares?

    I have a IB account which i trade asx share in . I was just wondering does IB charge Custody fee to hold US shares such as Berkshire hathway in IB account over the long term . As I have never brought US shares throught IB before .Thanks in advance if anyone can help in this area