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  1. wayneL

    The economic implications of a Harris presidency

    Err, I mean Biden presidency... Dammit I'm not even sure. In any case it seems at this stage, that there is a 90% chance that the god Emperor has been consigned to the history books. Our job now is to figure out what that means for the US, and more particularly, for Australia. Stated policies...
  2. SuperGlue

    Andrew Yang for President 2020

    Serial entrepreneur and numbers man running for 2020 president. Offering Freedom Dividend (Universal Basic Income) of $1000 p/m for all adult costing 3 trillion per year. 14 min. question time
  3. explod

    Elizabeth Warren for US President 2020

    Announced overnight that Warren intends to make a bid. I believe that Elizabeth Warren making a bid for the US Presidency in 2020 could be very interesting politically as well as possible economic effects. A very different candidate from the recent past, right back to Kennedy IMV.
  4. greggles

    S&P 500 performance under each U.S. President

    An interesting illustration from CNN of the performance of the S&P 500 under each U.S. President beginning with Ronald Reagan. What is perhaps most interesting is that the S&P 500 performed best under the two Democrat Presidents, who are traditionally seen as more pro-government (higher taxes)...
  5. D

    US Presidential Policy - Breaking it down

    A brief outline of US Presidential Candidate proposed policies follows. The post-election policy implementation will of course rely almost entirely on congressional support. With the current projected constituency of the House of Representatives being majority held by Republicans, Hilary Clinton...
  6. wayneL

    Rand Paul for US President

    Yes we can!!!
  7. wayneL

    The Next US President

    Yes we can turns to - errrr, we didn't really do a lot did we. My early mail - Mit Romney. ;) Discuss.... (BTW I reserve the right to back flip, flip flop and generally flub around as often as circumstances dictate :D)