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  1. Huntsman

    Need to find new broker to buy US put options - Commsec has discontinued this

    I have been buying cheap puts on a US public company that is sure to crash next week/month/year/sometime. All of a sudden CommSec says it will no longer allow trade in these options. Anybody point me towards a broker that can help me??
  2. P

    Trading US stocks and options with < $1000 fund

    Hello everybody, I am an Australian resident willing to start trading US stocks and options at cheapest price available. I am aware of IB existence but their 10.000 minimum funds requirement is out of my current possibilities. Is there any alternative service I shall consider? Thanks
  3. C

    Where to start trading US options?

    Hi, Newbie to the forum and fairly new to options - I have been reading and studying options trading for the last 10 years and am finally ready to begin trading - I want to trade US options and i have found that to be difficult from Aus, in terms of finding a broker I used to spend...
  4. B

    I can't get no sleep! Moving from US Options to AU?

    Hi all, first post here and relatively new to options trading. I've found some previous posts and there has been some useful information but forgive me for any duplication on like-issues :) In short, I'm just reaching out for some feedback as I feel I'm at a fork in the road with my...
  5. K

    Managing Tax in Australia, whilst trading the US Options Market

    Hi, Good day... I am new here...but not really new to Options...writing or trading. I just wanted to understand Tax implications in Australia.. - Should I trade as an individual or should I register a proprietary Trading Company? - IF I continue as an individual, what expenses are...
  6. D

    Brokers in Australia for trading US equities and options?

    Hi folks, are there any brokers in Australia that will let you trade US equities and options ? for example See also regards David
  7. H

    Trading US options, need a reasonably priced broker/platform

    I have an account with Commsec, extremely expensive ! Can anyone suggest a cheaper alternative for trading options in the US ? I am a small trader buying calls and puts (not very sophisticated) my account is $5000 to $10000 Thank you !
  8. H

    U.S. Options [Entry - Reason for Entry; Exit - Reason for Exit]

    I'm still relatively new to trading options, however, I believe that I've learned a lot in the last few months. I believe that being able to articulate what you are doing, and why you are doing it, forms an integral part of learning. Anyway, these are a couple of positions I've opened on...
  9. M

    US Option Traders - When do you sleep?

    I'm wondering how those that trade US Options deal with the time difference between USA & Australia I'm only interested in nights where you have resolved to put a trade on or take one off. The question may also apply to Stock & Futures traders - but it is really important to Option traders...
  10. ftw129

    ThinkOrSwim closing all Australian accounts: Where to now?

    Hello out there! Hopefully this message finds some Aussie Options traders that have been using ThinkOrSwim to trade U.S Options "Don Kaufman" style? Those of you that do will know by now that TD Ameritrade have made the decision to discontinue all Australian operations and our accounts...
  11. O

    Tax implications of trading US options in Australia?

    Hello. I am an Australian citizen for tax purposes and I have recently started to trade US stock options (puts and calls) through OptionsXpress Australia. I've signed a W8-BEN form and I want to know what this means for me and how I will file my taxes in this financial year. I am also young...
  12. N

    US Options Market

    Hi guys, I'm looking into options as an alternative trading/investing product from futures, and was wondering if someone can give a general idea on the index options market, eg. most liquid market, your personal favorite markets...etc. So far from my research, I see that the SPY is perhaps...