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  1. peter2

    Helping Bob trade the US markets

    I play tennis with a guy called Bob. He's very consistent and I know the rallies will be long when Bob's on the other side of the net. I try to hit a winner against Bob and he just waits for me to make a mistake. Bob wins more points than I do. Bob tells me that he started trading US markets...
  2. P

    Short Selling US Markets

    Hi Guys, I am wondering what brokers you use to short sell stocks on the US markets. I have so far only found Suretrader who will let me short US markets but their fees are quite high although they use DAS Trader which is a great platform. Can anyone tell me if E-Trade lets you short US...
  3. E

    USA Broker to trade USA markets while resident in Australia

    Hi Can anyone suggest USA brokers for trading usa equities while resident in Australia? ie have acct and funds in a USA acct This reduces trade fees and fx exposure and allows to trade usa market hours. One broker who provides this facility is Tradestation. Any other suggestions?
  4. P

    Margin Lending - Trading from Australia on the US Markets?

    So every US broker that I've contacted so far does not offer trading on margin for Australians if trading on the US Markets. I was wondering if any of you guys have found a broker that allows that? I'm specifically looking to long and shorting penny stocks intraday - the reason why I'm saying...
  5. H

    Correlation and Beta between US Markets

    Hi Guys, For those of you who trade U.S markets, you might find this very useful. You can download slides to obtain the correlation and beta between different markets. Very useful for things such as balancing your...
  6. D

    FX issues trading US markets with AUD

    Hi all, I have been trading US stocks for about a year now, I use Halifax as a broker and have my funds in their account in $AUD, they are quite cheap on commission as far as I've Seen. However with the AUD fluctuating against the US dollar so much I'm finding sometimes its helpful other...
  7. M

    I want to start trading US markets, but eTrade rates are too high

    high for the amount im trading. Who uses what to execute their trades? Im going to start swing trades, want to do day trades, but because of the time difference it cant be done i dont think. So have to do 2/3 day trades instead. Only have a small start of $1000. I have the advisor im going to...
  8. V

    Trading US account from Oz

    Hi Everyone, I am an experienced US equities day-trader who will be traveling to mid to northern Queensland soon for an extended stay. I expect to trade my US account during the very early morning hours. I understand that some areas of Australia may not have internet speed and reliability...
  9. C

    US Markets Fundamental Outlook (Focus: DOW, S&P 500, US Treasuries)

    Monday, 13 April 2009 12:39:54 GMT Written by John Rivera, Analyst Full Article What To Watch For In The US Session • Futures Trading Lower • Bank Earnings Ahead U.S. Stock Futures Point Toward Lower Open, Bank Earnings Ahead U.S. futures are pointing toward a lower open...
  10. ctp6360

    US Markets - Question for WayneL

    Hi WayneL, I noticed in another thread you said that trading the ASX was garbage and that you thought trading in the US market was a lot better. If you don't mind I had 2 questions for you: 1) What are the top 3 advantages to trading the US market over the Australian market, other than the...