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  1. jmbonni

    DJIA next day forecast

    Hello everybody. Here you will find the forecasts review for the next trading day of the Dow Jones.
  2. H

    Earnings Play (U.S. Market) - Anyone Playing?

    It's that time of year - earnings releases! U.S companies will be announcing their Q1 results over next few days/weeks. Anyone else play these? I play them because they are fun - they are definitely higher variance plays. Last days to enter earnings play for some companies listed below -...
  3. D

    Newbie looking to trade US stocks and US oil

    hi traders, im wondering how i would get into the US market of trading? i'm looking at short-medium term trading and i dont want to take the comsec/ local bank route of US trading as i want to own the stock and being a commercial bank trading fees would be high. im after an online US...
  4. B

    Tax Question: Trading the US market

    If you are trading the US market, how do you calculate the buy & sell price converted to AUD for tax? Do you just use an exchange rate from for the buy/sell date? If so, take this scenario: Day 1 - buy stock ABC @ $20 with $1 AUD = $0.50 USD Day 2 - sell stock ABC @ $20 with $1 AUD =...
  5. H

    US Market - Options & Futures - Catch Ups/Meetings [Sydney]

    Hi, Anyone else living in Sydney that is interested in this space that would like to learn/share/teach others or even discuss trade ideas? Some investment courses charge thousands of dollars just for explaining what a put option is and a covered call is, with disregard to current...
  6. A

    Anyone interested in US or UK stock market online trading?

    Just found out a platform can trade stock in US and UK market~ Anyone interested?
  7. C

    US Market IPO Alerts

    Hi, I am interested in a few US companies that are likely to have a stock market launch later this year. I don't want to miss out on the IPOs so was wondering if anyone knows of an email service to alert you of new US market IPOs? Also I have never done an international IPO. What are the...
  8. D

    US Long term market timer portfolio

    This portfolio follows the line of the previous portfolio “Long term market timer high risk portfolio” that I had in some forums from 9 Jan 2013 to 31 Jan 2014, which rose 71,06% while the S&P 500 rose 22,33% during the same period. My goal is to try to answer as best as possible to what the...
  9. T

    Why has our stock market NOT followed the US this time?

    As I noticed that the Dow Jones as hit all time highs our asx 200 is still very far from reaching its peak, yet when the US crashed half a decade ago we were following it both to the peak and through the crash. Why are we not following it upwards as we almost always do, but will probably feel...
  10. T

    ASX 200 - not gaining along with US and Euro markets?

    The S&P 500 just made its highest level since the GFC, yet the Aussie markets are floundering around in close to GFC territory. Hardly participating in the incredible bullish run the international markets have seen from the beginning of the year. What is going on? Dollar too high? China?
  11. young-gun

    U.S. to crash?

    So over the past few years interest rates have been slashed to zero, hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars have been pumped into the US economy, debt ceiling has been raised a couple of times, and the list of measures taken to prevent total economic collapse goes on and on...