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us economy

  1. R

    The US Economy in One Clean Diagram

    "The US economy is heading for a double dip recession:banghead:, entailing inflation and high interest rates:eek:. Obama will get the blame and a conservative government will be voted in to get medievil (read austere) on the populace. The short term may see deflation, but the mid and longer term...
  2. Knobby22

    Republicans are better at running the US economy

    I remember posters were saying during last election that Republicans run the economy better and everyone should hope they win. I notice that the US media still seem to not talk about the relaxation of credit and other decisions and Sarah Palin recently said that the controls for the...
  3. Statesman

    US Economy

    I am currently sifting through the mountain of information on investing in shares/funds/commodities etc and was wondering how a recession in the US if it occurs would effect some of Australia's leeading company values ie CBA and the likes. Also if it does adversly effect these companies to...
  4. B

    US Economy

    A question for the wise. What would you choose to invest in, if you knew the American economy was going to have a severe setback. I have been reading a few reports on the American economy that paint a dismal future for the American economy, and knowing how we catch a cold when America...