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  1. frugal.rock

    The Chinese G Dollar: USD under attack

    So, this has gone under my radar... China is pushing for a gold backed renminbi. Could explain why the US is buying up gold. Further research needed, will pick the brains of the wife who is currently obsessed with the imminent? downfall of the CCP. Anyone aware of this? Any other information at...
  2. DwayneBuzzell

    USD Discussion

    There has been an ongoing crisis in the U.S economy after the Mr. Trump become the U.S president beating Hilary Clinton On 8th November 2016. The green bucks gained an immense amount of strength in the global market after Mr. Trump stated that they are going to increase the fiscal spending and...
  3. daytradeprofit

    US Dollar Index price forecast

    While strategists at Bloomberg are idealistic about the dollars proceeded with quality in the coming years, our investigation of five separate information focuses recounts an altogether different story. The five information point sign is the U.S. Dollar Index, a file that measures the execution...
  4. Ann

    US Dollar Index - Charted

    I saw what may be an interesting chart pattern on the $USD index, thought I would share it with you. Looking at the five year monthly chart there appears to be a very bullish pennant on a flagpole formation. It looks like it is about to take off. Let's see what happens.
  5. T

    Contrarian US Dollar Sentiment

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. The US Dollar weakened overnight which made most of the retail (mug) crowd poorer. Retail clients were approximately 65% bullish on the US dollar. I've recently become interested in a contrarian approach to forex trading. The basic philosophy is that 95% of...
  6. C

    Uptrending $US cash - best strategy?

    hi all, new here. already like this place after browsing for a few minutes :) a quick question to ask but not 100% if this is the right sub-forum to post. was about to post it in "forex" but realized my question has nothing to do with forex trading so decided to just post it here. If...
  7. F

    The collapse of the US dollar

    One thing history can tell us is that currency's never stay on the top, Fiat money is fake money therefore it'll always change. When the dollar does collapse those nice looking couple or that nice young man will surely be on a rampage for some blood. America is printing 85 billion a month.. with...
  8. Glen48

    Chinese banks given OK to dump $US

    Chinese banks have been given the OK to dump US $ so I guess it is now a race to the bottom for Euro or the USD, this could cause a crash and mad panic Gold etc could go down with it as well until the punters realise they need to put their money some where and move back into Gold. Its 1929 all...
  9. P

    Commodities vs. Aussie Dollar

    I'm not sure how to work out, does the rise in the Australian Dollar vs The US Dollar benefit or hinder those in the commodities market? Specifically, miners like BHP and Rio, if the value of the AUD goes from .55c to .85 to the US dollar, does that mean the profit outlook for them is better or...
  10. H

    Watch the US$

    As usual, the decline in the US$ is beginning to worry the "vested interests" that want to see a "stable and a strong US$". Looking at the DXY index, there's every chance that the US$ will drop further, probably to 77.50 or around there before making a bounce. Timing wise? Well, try Gann or...
  11. A

    Aussie dollar vs. US dollar

    Guys one quick question that has probably been covered before, hoping someone can help me out as i'm new to finance and economics and need abit of schooling. This is my question If the australian economy is stronger than the us economy , how come our dollar is soo weak ? How come the we...
  12. B

    Aussie inflation and the price of oil in US dollars

    Hi, Can someone help me connect some dots? Aussie inflation will not stop going up until the world prices oil in a more stable currency other than the US dollar (Euro or Sterling?) If transport costs (petrol) are causing food inflation and it appears that the price of oil is going to...
  13. wayneL

    The Decline of the US Dollar

    The Death of the Dollar Slipping under 80c after Cramer's pleading to the Fed. Do traders believe the Fed is that stupid? They must do... and maybe they (the Fed) are stupid enough. Live USD Index Chart here...
  14. RichKid

    Is the US Dollar 'Doomed'?

    Re: US DOLLAR... a crystal clear outlook Marc Faber recently said that the USD was doomed and that we should all frame copies of dollar bills to show our grandchildren. This particular debate started in a USD charting thread but has been moved here because of the wide ranging discussion...

    US Dollar Outlook - Daily Views

    WAYNE ... here is what I believe is the best way to illustrate to you what is happening recently in Us Dollar ..... theses charts to help to understand why gold anthe major currencies are having a hard time ... the posture of the us dollar lately is...

    US Dollar .... Elliott Wave analysis

    OK , WAYNE ..... here they are ....