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us dollar index

  1. daytradeprofit

    US Dollar Index price forecast

    While strategists at Bloomberg are idealistic about the dollars proceeded with quality in the coming years, our investigation of five separate information focuses recounts an altogether different story. The five information point sign is the U.S. Dollar Index, a file that measures the execution...
  2. Ann

    US Dollar Index - Charted

    I saw what may be an interesting chart pattern on the $USD index, thought I would share it with you. Looking at the five year monthly chart there appears to be a very bullish pennant on a flagpole formation. It looks like it is about to take off. Let's see what happens.
  3. H

    US Dollar Index

    IMPORTANT BREAKOUT A serious important manifestation is taking place in the Greenback; the index has successfully penetrated the structure key resistance zone. It became finally clear which role the Symmetrical Triangle will take; it has “reversed” the prior down-trend and, supposing that the...
  4. CanOz

    US Dollar Index - DX

    I thought i would start this thread to help some of us newer FX traders identify trend changes/continuation patterns in the major currency. To me, this is another pivotal moment in the DX which could define the trend for the next few weeks, even months with the passing of the bailout package...