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  1. P

    Uranium resurgence

    Is it my imagination or is Uranium quietly making a resurgance. Seems there is becoming a greater demand for the resource and there is a bit of a spike in the cost price of the commodity. Anyone with any thoughts?
  2. A

    Uranium bimbo

    Can anyone give me a vibe on Toro energy? Would it be silly to buy uranium spec stocks like UXA, PNN, Alliance, Marathon? Also I'd love to know if ERA stocks may go down if there is a US recession. I want to buy some but I am worried they are way too high at the moment??? Should someone who...
  3. Sean K

    Uranium Price - Where is it heading?

    There's been some discussion in the stock threads about the uranium price and forecast. Thought discussuion might be better in it's own thread to try and get some decent responses. In my opinion, the immediate picture looks very bullish due to the supply demand equation and it's hard to see...
  4. Pommiegranite

    Economics of Uranium boom

    I'm latecomer to investing in this Uranium boom. I've jumped on the bandwagon and thrown in a few $k to help keep your portfolios in triple digit % increases. How nice of me!!!:D In turn it would be appreciated if you guys could brainstorm with me about this boom please, so I can learn a...
  5. L

    Our Uranium

    Why is this Federal Goverment allowing foreign companies to buy our Uranium companies I would have thought keeping this commodity in Australians hands would have been a priority by the Feds if they think its important enough to step in,in the N.T. and pushing states to allow mining then whats...
  6. exgeo

    Uranium takeovers - who's next?

    redport, valhalla already taken out in terms of Aussie listed companies. Who's left that actually has some JORC resources? Perhaps NEL, MTN? Both have JORC's (about 9300 and 30,000t u308 respectively). Anybody think of any others?
  7. C

    Uranium charts

    hey, Anyone have a good site for live spot prices (prefer chart, like kitco) for uranium? Thanx
  8. L

    CZL - Consolidated Zinc

    This company is set to list on the ASX and a prospectus was issued late last week. It is being spun off by Cazaly Resources. With all the uranium hype this year, and the big returns for those that jumped on their floats, does anyone think it is worth trying my luck? I tried to get shares with...
  9. RichKid

    ERA - Energy Resources of Australia

    Three of the bigger holders of ERA are about to sell out. Possibility of ERA joining the ASX200 as a result. Good article in The Australian:,5744,16877247%255E16941,00.html
  10. Q

    Uranium stocks

    anyone know any uranium stocks